And if I told her she was too young, or I don’t approve of hooking, or where are your parents little girl, then my visit would come to a quick end. I would never hear from her again. I would never find out who she was. I would never know what happened to her, or if she was dead in a dumpster. So I decided I would just go over there and treat her like she was my same age, and not lecture her, and see what happens. I would slow-play her. And if I have to have sex with her, to not reject her, and fit into the space allotted to me in the dollhouse of her mind, I will. And I would pretend to like it. Because anything else would say without words, the same things I was trying to avoid saying with words. But even worse. She would see in my eyes that I thought she was ugly, or pathetic, or who knows what. I have tried hanging out with young girls without having sex with them before, and it didn't work out. So it is time to try the other way. So I said yes, I want to come hang out with you at your hotel. So she said come to the Starlite Motel at 11:30. And I went over there with the intention of going along with whatever she had planned, until I could find out more about who she was. And how she came to be standing in a park in Miami at night, and what I might do to stop it and send her home.