and it didn't fit my preconceptions. It occurs to me today, I really have no basis to think Mulrenin never met Scott. Scott was riding around and going to the strip clubs with Mandi, and Mulrenin was in Mandi's social circle. For comparison, Mandi got two life sentences at a trial where the central feature was gossip and hearsay which I know was wrong and is easy to prove was wrong. But Mini-Jim's gossip that Mulrenin had previously met Scott, I don’t know for certain it's wrong. Mini-Jim's gossip that Mulrenin had met Scott previously, is better quality gossip than what Mandi was convicted on. Mini-Jim bragged that he once valet parked attorney Jose Baez’s BMW. It sounded like the same BMW I saw parked outside Jose's office after I met with him in his cheezy BMW jacket. Mini-Jim was pretty drunk at this point. I had given up whatever I was working on, to drink with him as long as he had something to say. When Mini-Jim first started socializing I was busy working, and I wished he would just go away. By the time I perked up and started writing down everything he said, best I could remember is he introduced himself as "Ross." A year later I wanted Mini-Jim's full name, so I went over to Dollhouse to find him. He wasn’t there, and nobody knew who I was talking about. Valet parker? No. Sort of good looking? Hmm. Blonde? "That must be Jim. He passed." It may have been Barbara Mellinger who said that. They told me Dollhouse and Stars are run as a single business, so I should try across the street. I went into Stars and someone said "Big Jim." I hadn't wanted to remind them of their loss. But that gave me the confidence to say it. I went back to Dollhouse and said "Mini Jim." Oh, you mean Randy. That's how I found out Mini-Jim's full name is Randy Ferrara. They said he ran the Dollhouse valet parking as an independent business at the time Big Jim died. That makes Marc Gorewitz the valet parker Mini-Jim's employee, and probably his closest co-worker. Let’s compare their statements: Gorewitz to Detective Sprague on Mulrenin bringing Mandi home: "That’s crazy, he actually let her into his house." Mini-Jim to stranger at bar on how many female employees Mulrenin brought home: "It has to be hundreds." Gorewitz to Sprague on Mandi's false GHB arrest: "How you gonna hire a girl who has GHB." Mini-Jim to stranger at bar when I said the obscure term "G": "Well now G, that is something a little bit different from GHB. " Is Gorewitz sincere? Or does he know everybody at Dollhouse drinks G, just like everybody in Conway drinks G. I don’t know. I know Mandi told her mother on a December 30th, 2016 phone call Mulrenin was on G. I know that Mandi is unable to get the stuff herself, she needs a guy to buy it for her. II-12