After I found out the pimp was still there I got angry. One of those last times he sent her to ask me for money, I asked her why don’t you actually sell some drugs or something and leave me alone? I said your pimp claims to be a weed dealer. So I don’t understand why you are so desperate. Can't he just go sell some weed, why does he send you over to fuck me for money? She explained that her pimp was extremely careful and cautious, and would never actually do anything like that where he thought it was possible he could get arrested. She basically recited his calculation as he explained it in his own words. He calculated that transporting drugs was too risky. But she had been going down to Miami, and the drugs had a nice sound. And I also said they beat the kid, or whatever question the DCF complaint form specifically asked. Was there sexual abuse? No. Was there physical abuse? Yes. I don't know that it was anything more than common corporal punishment, when the kid didn't do his schoolwork. But Mandi said the kid was terrified and screaming or something, which REALLY bothered her. I don't know if the DCF recognizes any corporal punishment as a valid tool for disciplining children. The complaint was just to get the DCF through the door, without putting Mandi in danger. So the DCF would go over there, and realize the complaint about the evil white girl was completely misguided, but fix whatever they really saw once the complaint got them through the door. Instead, they accepted the complaint as completely true. They said you poor, poor man, this girl is victimizing you because you are vulnerable and dependent on her because you are unemployed. You are trapped doing this by hunger, and by the need to feed your kid. You are forced to do whatever she asks, because you have nowhere else to go. Poor Mandi was shocked and heartbroken, that someone had accused her of harming the kid, and they were over there looking with evil eyes at the white girl. It was funny as hell, but it didn't matter to me, it worked. The DCF came and interviewed the kid. The pimp could no longer take the kid down to Miami with them, to sleep in that soggy bed. And he could not leave the kid alone in Orlando and go with her. So he had to stay in Orlando with the kid, while she went to Miami by herself to pay for their groceries. The DCF even made the pimp and the kid sign up for foodstamps, so they would not be dependent on Mandi. It was only maybe two weeks going to Miami alone, before another pimp down there grabbed her, and locked her up so she could not go back to Orlando. The Orlando pimp went down there pouring tears, and tried to get her back. Eventually someone called her father, to let him know Mandi was locked up down there and needed someone to come rescue her. And meanwhile the Orlando pimp was driving crazy around Miami in the BMW. I don't know the whole story of what happened or how. But her father went down with a friend or an uncle or someone, and managed to come back with the one thing that really mattered: the car. She did come back to Orlando. But the guy was now completely psychotic carrying a gun all day. The DCF was probably coming every week to ask the kid about drugs, and everything was broken. Her mother went over there with a cop friend or something, to watch while she packed her bags and ran away to her mother's apartment. They left the pimp by himself pouring tears, with a promise he would be evicted. Finally he had no choice but to leave and go back to Miami alone. He called her family the KKK, and blamed her for meeting him with “fat pockets” and leaving him broke. It had been the same guy the whole time, from when I met Mandi to the day he was gone. And in that time, she never said a single thing to hint that he existed. In all the time she rambled about her Grandma, and her dad’s back surgery, and later a guy named Chris Dahl, Mandi never gave me a single descriptive detail about her pimp. My entire knowledge of him came from 1) when he texted me I would never see her again, and the following conversations where I said he was a spazz and Mandi said he would shoot her family, 2) one time I saw this chest and arms from the second floor, through the windshield, as he drove Mandi into the Starlite, 3) she said an older guy moved into her house but I didn't know what the connection was 4) when he was complaining in the background after he heard Mandi agree on the phone to meet me for dinner, 5) finally, when she said he beat the kid, which is what enabled me to get rid of him. In the end, she didn't think much of the pimp. One of those last times she asked me for money before I got rid of him, she had been forced to explain to me that he didn't sell drugs, or do anything else. He just lay on the sofa with a gun all day. After that she couldn't ask me for money without hearing what a loser he was. Before she admitted it was about the kid, I asked her why she was so devoted to a broke person. She said it is not about money. I said "I 1-25