as a hooker who makes more money, more easily, than strippers. Why drug a CEO when you can fuck him? Mandi never knew a world where the CEO wasn’t interested to fuck her. I am sure some jealous skank will say no CEO wanted to fuck Mandi, and in the same breath claim she hypnotized beloved scammer Mulrenin. But the hustlers at Dollhouse probably did read the story. The type of ugly and over-age, but ambitious and sociopathic, strippers Mulrenin paired with at Dollhouse probably read the New York magazine story in search of how-to instructions. This article was available online, and was widely shared on facebook by the same type of ugly female sociopaths who were on Mandi's "Jackon" facebook page, calling for he death on December 20 2016. I never heard of the "Hustlers at Scores" story myself until 2019 when they made a movie. I have dated some of the prettiest girls who worked at Scores. They didn't need to drug anyone. The prettiest ones never envy the power pretty girls have over guys. For the ugly ones, the thrill and revenge of that power is more important than the money. The pretty ones have it too easy and are just complete hippies with no anger toward guys. They just find older and older ones, and never recognize the hard realities the ugly ones are born into. The pretty ones are like dolphins not hyenas. Old guys were always the cushiest company for Mandi Jackson, so far as money. She never was aware of a world of hustling and manipulation. Mandi was a terrible stripper. This has long been the thing that bothered me most about this case, evil girls projecting their own nature onto Mandi Jackson when she was almost certainly nicer to Mulrenin than any of them ever were. To me, this case is a very ordinary story of sick evil people like the hustlers in New York magazine, trying to destroy an innocent girl with the mind of a child out of j ealousy. It is a very ordinary plot in a world of aggressive and evil people. Mandi's biggest flaw is that she thinks being sweet to old guys is a daily chore of life, like brushing your teeth. When she calls me from jail I sometimes forget that I don't interest her at all. She is just doing what she thinks she is supposed to do. She spent her whole trial flashing smiles at the white-haired senior sheriffs deputy sitting behind her. Mandi Jackson has never liked me, and will never be good for me. But that is not a crime and I am not so sick as others who want to see her punished from their own bitterness. I cannot let the Vicious and dishonest side of man win such an evil victory over a sweet person. Jackson owes me nothing and owes Mulrenin nothing. For the hustlers who idolize The Hustlers at Scores, taking Mandi Jackson's life is all about aggression and revenge in a world they feel slighted in. 11-32