It was her mother who sabotaged Mandi's new dream relationship. The rent needed paid. Some tattoo-covered black kid, who lost his job from hanging out with Mandi, and moved in with his poodle that peed all over the house, was not going to help with the bills and only get her pregnant. So Mandi's Mom wrote on the family whiteboard in the kitchen “Need rent. Mandi go see David.” Her own mother told Mandi to go fuck her old middle-aged hooker customer from Miami for money. And she wrote it on the family whiteboard in the middle of the kitchen, just so her boyfriend who lost his job would see it. Mandi somehow convinced me she did not have a boyfriend. So I fucked her and paid the rent. So her boyfriend went and fucked his previous black girlfriend, and Mandi was absolutely devastated. From that day forward all he and Mandi did was argue all day. She was in a terrible state, coming over to my house crying for no apparent reason. I had no idea she had a boyfriend or that he dumped her. I told her father she must be binging and fasting on her meds, and it was making her bipolar. But at least with poodle boy gone, Mandi could come see me for money again. One day she was doing something with her phone while she took her clothes off. She said she was texting, arguing with other members of her family about something. But I saw her pose, taking pictures of herself near the door, and then sitting on the bed. I think she was making a snapchat story of herself coming to fuck me, She wanted poodle boy over at his black girlfriend’s house to see what she was doing. Mandi was so angry at her mom for sabotaging her relationship with the dream guy of a lifetime, she needed a new place to live. After she got her car back from Georgia and turned 21, and I gave her some money, she started going to the Ale House on Semoran. Her best friend from high school Jenna worked there as a hostess. Mandi sat at the bar by herself, drinking margaritas. There was black guy working in the Ale House kitchen with crazy tattoos named Tywaun. He was 40 years old. He had a cute kid, his son looked to be about age 6. She went over to smoke weed with him, and just like that she had a new place to live. The day she moved in with Tywaun, was the first time I ever wanted to have sex with her enough, I was willing to pay to do it. Mandi changed the oil on a car or two, and a jet ski, to try to please the people at her new house. Then she called and asked if I would have sex for money so she could buy them things. I said no, its wrong and I won’t do it. She dropped way down in price, or offered to have sex for a tank of gas or something. I said no. She told me how she just changed the oil in a car and a jet ski, and asked if I would pay her to change the oil on my truck. I said okay. I have never seen anything as cute as her little legs sticking out from under that truck while she primed the oil filter. And then she came out smudged with oil. I took her to Harbor Freight and bought her $180 of tools. When I realized she was about to leave, I couldn't resist. I said "How much to fuck you?" She said $500. I said I don’t have it how about $400? She said okay. On that day I got to have sex with the cutest prettiest sexiest hottest most beautiful girl ever born. I think that was number 54. I told her she has to do a "cute girl oil change" business on craigslist, like the sexy maids. It would have made a fortune. I was really afraid she would get so many customers she would never need me or talk to me again. So she left and went back to Tywaun’s house, though I had no idea he existed at that time, or where she was living. And I went driving around to stalk her and figure out where the jet ski was that she changed the oil on. I went to Chris Dahl house to see if he had a jet ski in his driveway. He didn't. You notice Tywaun wasn’t her same age. I didn't know that right away. As usual, things were hidden from me. But when I found out, it made it fair game to throw every grenade I could come up with. The older he was, the more morally justified I could feel. After Mandi moved out and went to live with Tywaun, eventually her mom did not pay the rent and got evicted.