12. LURING YOUNG GIRLS Miami is expensive for young girls. In Orlando, young girls can be independent. If you are an old guy in Miami and you are not married and you have a house, sooner or later you are going to stumble into this world of sugar babies. A while back, a guy who was new to all this was complaining to me. He had just bought a house, and found out for the first time in his forties, that these girls existed. And he ended up saying what to me was a really funny line. This young girl he hangs out with needed a ride to South Beach where she sort of worked. (She never got paid, but that is how it goes with these girls.) She picked up some other girl who was staying at a hostel, and they said "Do a U turn and drop us off here." They smoked weed in the car because it is legal in South Beach, and got out of the car. Then this old guy got pulled over for doing an illegal U turn to drop off the little girls. The police found weed in the other girl’s backpack she left in his car, and the old guy spent the night in jail. The first girl’s sister got Baker Acted. In Florida, that is when a girl is cutting herself or wandering in the highway, and they commit her to a mental hospital. So the girl whose sister got Baker Acted said drive me and this new girl to the mental hospital to visit my sister. The new girl was hearing voices, so she told the hospital guards she was high. They said where are the drugs? She said I left my bag in this old guy's car before we came in. So the old guy got arrested with drugs again. The old guy was complaining to me in exasperation: "These girls do drugs their whole life, and they say they have never been arrested! I have been arrested twice in a month, and I don’t even do drugs! " I said "You have two drug court dates, and you don’t even do drugs? Sounds like you need to do something different, I am not sure what. What are you going to do?" His solution: "Well... After all of this, now I started keeping drugs at my house. If all these girls know I have drugs at my house, they will be more likely to come over." See how quickly the light went on? An old guy doesn't have to like weed to keep weed at his house. He has to like pussy. And specifically, vulnerable mentally-incompetent young girls. 11-36