15. JEALOUS MEN - Summer 2015 Her new boyfriend was disgusted right after she moved in, when she told him she was coming to my house to fuck me for money. He told her “make sure you take a shower before you come home.” He did everything he could to pry her off me, and I did everything I could to sabotage him. He was a total clown. He was 40 years old, and not even a serious participant in the human race. But to Mandi's childish mind, he just seemed awfully cute and cool. Plus he had that cute 6-year-old son which she could eventually get her hands on. The landlord was some freaky blonde divorcee, with a fetish for renting rooms in her house to young black guys and fucking them. When Mandi showed up fucking one of her boys and she saw Mandi liked fucking black guys, she let Mandi stay as bait to attract more of them. Mandi paid that bill, by getting the one guy the old woman hadn't fucked, to fuck her in the threesome. But the poor kid took too much cocaine and couldn't get hard. He always wanted a second chance, even with his best friend’s girlfriend. But he never got one so far as I know. I was in a rage. Because by having sex with Mandi while Tywaun was at work, a 52-year-old woman was willing to sabotage Mandi's relationship with Tywaun for nothing. She was an older adult, who should have felt at least some duty or responsibility to do the right thing for a young girl under her roof. An adult woman has some responsibility like I have, to at least try to leave Mandi better off than when she found her. When I sabotage Mandi's relationships, at least I offer an alternative. I am willing to spend money, or come pick her up when she is lost. I am willing to stand by her for the rest of her life. But the freaky woman was willing to sabotage Mandi's relationship with Tywaun, just so she could have sex with some young black guy one time. The reason why Mandi's fumiture and stuff was at my house, is because the freaky woman was not even willing to let Mandi bring small items into the house. She was willing to have sex with a 21-year-old girl, but then that 21- year-old girl was not even allowed to bring a stuffed animal into the house. To me the woman was sick, satan. Mandi was in the clutches of satan. Like I said before, I don’t remember too well when I am in a rage. So the whole time Mandi was with Tywaun, I don’t remember as well as I would like to. I saw how Mandi's mom sabotaging her relationship with poodle boy, led to the drama that forced Mandi to move out. And I saw how calling the DCF turned over the snow globe with her pimp. All this I twisted around in my mind, during the 90 minute drive to work in Melbourne. So I called the police on my way to work, and sent them to the freaky lady's house. Tywaun’s best friend started a confrontation, and got arrested when he complained about it. To get revenge, they said they were going to come kill me. I thought that is great. But the freaky lady convinced them it is "not worth it." I told Mandi “Listen Snow White, it is not safe for you to live there. One day that woman will get jealous of you fucking her dwarves, and she will sabotage you. She could frame you any hour of the day for anything, and you will go to prison for who knows what.” I was really worried about the day the woman had enough of her. But Mandi was in heaven over there and too busy to respond. They say “all is fair in love and war.” But in the past, I had always measured my actions against the question “Will she be better off for having met me?” Now I was just sending nonstop crazy texts, to drive Mandi into an uncontrollable tear fountain and her boyfriend into a crazy froth, in hopes they would all go crazy over there, and the old freaky lady would have no choice but to throw her sex toys out in the street. At some point one of the boy toys made Mandi call me, and he grabbed her phone and said he was going to kill me. He later accused me of calling him a “nigger.” I didn't. I called him a “child.” I told Mandi to not waste my time putting her little kid friends on the phone saying silly kid things. I wish I could remember exactly what I said. I decided to bait those clowns to come over. So I carried all Mandi's fumiture out to the lawn. I texted her “All your fumiture is out on my lawn and you need to come get it. Tell the freaky woman to send over one of her house boys or lawn jockeys.” This would force her boyfriend to come with her to help load the fumiture. He would surely I-39