her picture on with his own face. Now Scott Love didn't have phone Mandi did, and he suspected Mandi was on him. So he started staying up all night, keeping her same hours to keep track of her, or even missing work to keep tabs on during the day. took him the schedule as punishment. Now the rent was late, and it was fair for Mandi to try make some rent money. After Chris got arrested for meth on September 1, put on a show and told everyone he trying to money as a mechanic. He tried to some money like working on out of his driveway, or fixing up used ones and selling them. Mandi needed money and had always of a mechanic. drove over to Chris house see what she could do for money, or with a kid hope to be part of his mechanic business. Mandi ended up delivering bags of weed from Chris Dahl’s house to the Veigle strip clubs where Chris Dahl long the resident dealer, Rachel’s, Stars, and Rachel's North. loves but nobody will buy her one. She always excited to deliver bags of weed, in Chris letting ride his to it. Mandi also delivered to a manager she was with from Stars. James Mulrenin. Dahl arranged the deal on Mulrenin's burner that charging in his kitchen when he died, and then told Mandi the Twice she just met Mulrenin at the curb and dropped off cocaine. But on Saturday December 10, 2016, Mandi parked her car in the first floor garage, and upstairs and coke with him. Given Mulrenin is the aggressive known for date rape, everyone Mandi as the girl who never said no, I am very and they were a pair. I always guessed Mandi liked Mulrenin. He was a pimp, he had cocaine. And finally she admitted to liking him on the I told her what happened her own fault for "hanging out with scumbags." 1 was talking Mulrenin, because that is what I called him in letters to She herself "It is my choice. It is my choice to hang out I hang out who want to hang out with." She was telling me she liked Mulrenin and thought he was cool, and needed to mind own business. Far from robbing him, I don’t doubt that Mandi put all her money into the tin in Mulrenin's cabinet. That is the bizarre psychology of a mentally-ill teenage who is always trying to please a guy. On Saturday during her long stay at his apartment until dawn, told to come by and a the Dollhouse so he could show off his new toy, as I have seen him try to do with girls. slept of the day Sunday, and then went and applied on He wasn’t there. She over around 8:30 PM Tuesday 13 Gorewitz said and the cell tower map shows) to see if he was there that night, and then came back 10:30 and told Gorewitz she was working that night. Mulrenin told Mandi to change her and Neisha Cintron asked Mandi about why she changed it. Neisha Mandi a thong bottom and Mandi looked better in the Mulrenin thought so so Mandi put the first dress back on. Mandi was extremely happy to have found a new group of people she seemed to fit in with. Neisha Cintron likes girls and so does Mandi. smoked weed together. At the end of the night after closing, Mandi asked Neisha if she had different dresses Mandi to work the next day Mulrenin like better. gave Mandi a dress. Mandi she would Neisha Neisha she wouldn’t be in tomorrow, so Mandi gave Neisha number. texted as "Catalina" Mandi texted her "Mandi." told Mandi to bring a bag coke or weed his house work, and he give her cash for her dancer dollars as long none of other as a pretext to set up a visit. drove to Chris Dahl’s house to get the weed. At this point Scott was wanting to let her out of his sight. Mandi was at Mulrenin's house on for than he died, and also stayed out all night at Chris house one night, according to cell tower pings. know if Scott was with her on those previous nights she was with and Mulrenin. night Mulrenin died, Mandi's phone may five pings on tower because her battery went dead. replaced instagram a and cheating her His employer off to Dahl 2016, he good was make make motorcycles dreamed being So she Dahl’s to had been Dollhouse, Mandi motorcycles was exchange for her black CBR 1000 do some cocaine familiar Chris phone was address. went did guy and knew sure Mulrenin got lucky perfect jail phone. that was She understood about jail. defended who with. can with I I fuck off and my hooker Mulrenin Mandi get job at other She most Monday. went on December (as around dress, loaned green said first dress. also, They any could wear that might Neisha said pay tomorrow. said her phone Neisha Mandi but back real name Mulrenin of to after would as the girls knew, Mandi not Saturday longer the night Dahl's I don’t Dahl The have only had Mulrenin's IV-78