17. WHAT REALLY HAPPENED - December 14, 2016 NOTE: I have since talked to Mandi in prison, making some of what I wrote here obsolete. For example, I was able to tie together why Mandi gave Neisha her thong back in the customer bathroom, why Mandi and Mulrenin went to the garage, and why Scott was carrying Mandi's duffel - tampons. Why did Mandi look for her friend Mulrenin two nights, to apply and start late? The VIP's. So why not update the book? I spent three years vetting everything here. The new stuff after talking to Mandi, I have only been analyzing for three months. It's a bit hasty to replace stuff I spent three years vetting, with quick explanations that may not stand the test of time. It is also a lot of work to update the book, and risks error when combining the two, with things that have not solidified yet. It is also nice to have the before talking to Mandi, and after talking to her, to separate the stuff that is based on what Mandi said. So the updated version remains in its own section “Mandi Speaks”. Here is what I believe happened, based on 4000 hours looking at the evidence, talking to Mandi, talking to other girls from jail, and talking to the attorneys and reading between the lines of what they said. I didn't realize it at the time, but getting arrested at my house in June 2016 was one of the more formative events of Mandi's life. It did have some of its intended effect, of stopping her driving around crying all day and having sex with old guys. I unintentionally trained her to do that, and I wanted to undo what I had done. It's hard to hurt Mandi because she is selfless and clueless and wants you to kill her. She will stand there and let you do it. But torturing her father is something she can understand and doesn't like. Because he whines to her, and she feels the pain of his whining and feels guilty. So the way to get to her was through him. So I tortured him with the criminal charges that he was helpless to do anything about. With the hope it would teach Mandi that recklessly hanging out with old guys like there was no danger in it, and screwing two guys at once with a total disregard for 5,000 years of accumulated wisdom of the human race, could cause her father pain. Plus, every guy she met and fell in love with, either me or her mom sabotaged it. So when she was homeless and met Scott Love, she was sort of traumatized and heartbroken and resigned to just chilling out at his house every day. And that is how she found herself in a life with Scott which, when I saw pictures of it, I thought it had to be insincere. It wasn't her. It was unnatural for her. I didn't believe it. But after six months she was no longer in post-traumatic shock, it wore off. Scott and her Dad were probably very distressed when it did. And I was pleasantly surprised and curious, that she was out and about again. By December 2016, Mandi was back to her old ways. But she was still very angry about getting arrested and me tormenting her dad with the charges, and she wasn’t talking to me. So it wasn’t me who got lucky, it was James Mulrenin. You may remember around August I saw Mandi's car outside Dancers with a blanket over the windshield. It looked like she had been homeless and sleeping in it with her corgi dog Lorelei, her "angel." In September I went to Dancers, and she was inside working but her car wasn’t there. Scott Love’s parents house is right up the street from Dancers at 5405 Barton Drive. I believe Mandi knew Scott as a customer who came into Dancers after work, and probably bought a bag of weed off him or smoked weed with him at some point. So Scott came into Dancers while Mandi was homeless, and she went home with him to smoke weed and stayed there. She probably gave Scott her car while she worked. That is what she will do in a situation like this as a sort of favor to please a guy, in exchange for being able to leave her dog at his house. She was desperate for a place to keep her angel Lorelei while she worked. Scott didn't want Mandi stripping any more, and neither did her father. Maybe Scott just did it to please her father. So instead she stayed home with Jessica Reiche taking care of Jessica Reiche's kid all day. This would have been heaven for Mandi, because all she really wants to do is take care of children. Every time I pick up my dog, Mandi IV-83