Basic Idea - Read Book for Actual Details

Long story short, brain damaged young girl is a hooker since teenager, goes home with the resident drug dealer from the local strip clubs. He feeds her carburetor cleaner, which is a popular sex placebo at the local strip clubs called "G". She gets pulled over, cops think it is GHB, goes into every paper in the country as "girl gets arrested with 7 pounds of date rape drug." Charges are dropped. She later goes home with the strip club manager, who makes all the new employees go home with him. Her boyfriend knocks on the door, they get into a fight, and the manager gets shot in the leg. They don't call the police because the manager's apartment is full of drugs and he has past problems involving rape and racketeering (and probably money laundering that night). Instead she tries to tape up the manager's leg to drive to the hospital, but they are both drunk and high out of their minds, and the manager falls off the balcony.

Girl runs out, leaves her boyfriend behind who is trying to find the bullet to keep from getting arrested. Her boyfriend grabs the wallet off the kitchen counter, of the guy who just had sex with his girlfriend. He catches up with her, and she takes her friend's wallet. But when she hears her friend is dead, she lets her boyfriend use the credit cards to buy a new phone since he was unable to call her all night because she took his phone after hers broke, and it is her fault he had to come knock and what happened. She is short on cash for the cocaine she brought the boss from the drug dealer, and because her boss never gave her the money he promised to pay her if she came to his house. So she uses the credit cards to buy a playstation and pawn it to make up for the money her boss promised her before he fell off the balcony. But her boyfriend insists she marry him so she cannot testify against him, and makes her use the money at the pawnshop to buy an engagement ring.

Cop sees her boyfriend show up on the security video when she is in the parking garage with the manager. Cop thinks boyfriend is texting with her, to coordinate to sneak into the manager's apartment while she is distracting him in the garage. Cop finds a floor plan of a house in her car, thinks it is a robbery plan. Cop finds out the floor plan is not the manager's apartment, and the boyfriend did not have a phone and she got no texts or calls, so they could not have been coordinating. Cop already told the papers it was a planned robbery, and the night editor who runs the justice section is a customer of the pimp who fell off the balcony. So cop fakes evidence, to make it look like they were coordinating, so he doesn't have to admit he was wrong.

Everyone else reads the inaccurate GHB story in the paper, and invents the story - claims the girl confessed to it in exchange for reduced sentences (secretly arranged by the drug dealer's lawyer to hide his error and keep his client's name out of it, by bribing the hooker's lawyer) - that she drugged the manager with GHB so she could rob him. People say who cares if it is all lies, the girl is a date rapist and her pimp boss is dead, give her life without parole from age 21. Who is going to point out it is all lies and get three cops in trouble, on behalf of a former teenage hooker who had 7 pounds of date rape drug? So it is okay to frame a former teenage hooker whose family is broke mutes and who was falsely accused of having 7 pounds of GHB. As an aside, the boyfriend probably brought a gun because he thought it was me she was cheating with, and I have been accused of trying to kill her with a machete.

The moral of the story is: It is okay if police lie, and the prosecutor lets dangerous felons out of prison as a reward for lying, if the defendant has a past drug arrest. Because they know that you, the public, are a dumb sucker. Police know they will never be held to any standard of conduct when they frame someone who has a past drug arrest. In fact they will be celebrated. When a person has a past drug arrest, collecting evidence becomes a game, where they can make up whatever they want. The defendant says he didn't actually spray paint "healter skelter" on the wall, the police did that? Come on, this guy was arrested for heroin last year. Who you going to believe? It's funny, right?

What, Specifically, Happened That Night?

Mandi had known Mulrenin and been secretly seeing him for over a year, as a prostitute. Some wealthy connected VIP's came into the club and spent $40k on their credit cards over two nights. Mandi sought out her friend Mulrenin, to get her in to start late and work.

Because the VIP's bought dance coupons, Mulrenin could not pay the girls cash until the next day. But he told Mandi if she stayed after all the other girls were gone, and came by his apartment, he would give her cash for her dance coupons. Mandi stopped by the strip club drug dealer's house where her boyfriend was waiting, and said "I am going to this guy's house to get some money." She met Mulrenin at the curb, but he lured her upstairs for drugs and cash.

Mandi was on anxiety medication. Mulrenin gave her weed. She drank too much vodka. He cut codeine into her cocaine and she passed out. After a while, her boyfriend came looking for her and knocked. He apparently forced his way into the apartment, and shot Mulrenin in the back of his leg. It may have been Mulrenin's own gun, and the drug dealer may have tipped him off, and then drove the boyfriend there to get him arrested.

Mandi was awakened by the gunshot, but still in a dream state and does not remember it. Either Mulrenin himself, or Mandi, tried to pack the wound to stop the bleeding. But your thigh is like your bicep, in that it gets smaller when you straighten out your leg. So when Mulrenin stood up the binding went slack and did nothing to stop the bleeding.

Mandi's boyfriend went into the kitchen. Mulrenin wandered out to the balcony. He had a history with the spins, he abused viagra, and he was on antibiotics for an eye infection which could have caused labyrinthitis. Two people on the ground saw him linger long enough, and in such a position, to shout to him "Don't do it! Don't jump!" But he jumped.

Police coached the witnesses on the ground to lie and say they heard a gunshot and he was shot while fleeing. They threw away the sofa, after staging a bullet in front of the love seat to hide that Mulrenin sat in the recliner and bled. They hid the gloves that were used to dress the wound, and instead lied and said they got fake blood and wearer DNA off some gloves the boyfriend used at work.

They deleted all the video of Mandi and the VIP's at the strip clubs all week. They coached everyone at the clubs to lie and say they never met her. Almost every single witness at her trial lied.

Faking the case started when they saw the boyfriend on the elevator, and thought he was texting with Mandi to coordinate with her. When police found out Mandi and her boyfriend were not in contact all night, they deleted the timestamps. When I complained that the timestamps were missing and the video was suspicious, they faked new timestamps two years later.

Mulrenin's money clip went to the hospital where all his clothes and belongings disappeared. Mandi ran out and drove away and left Scott in the apartment. Scott probably grabbed the wallet off the kitchen counter, possibly when he saw it next to Mandi's phone left behind and grabbed that also. One of the first things Scott said to Mandi when he found her drugged was where is the money you came to get? So he grabbed the wallet on his way out, but it apparently did not have the money in it that Mulrenin owed Mandi.

Mandi put on an oversize man's blazer over her skimpy dress. Presumably because it was cold and they smoked so much weed they had to disable the fire alarm and open the balcony door. And because she wanted to humor GQ Jim by acting like his Mini Me. I believe it was Scott's blazer which she got out of her car and which Scott saw her wearing when he came and found her. Scott claims it was Mulrenin's blazer, and Mandi ran out with the wallet in the pocket. I doubt that, but I can't prove that is not true.

The boyfriend arrived on video much later, while the girlfriend was in the building with her boss. The police claimed the boyfriend was texting with the girlfriend when he arrived, to coordinate to come in while she distracted the boss.

Then they found out the boyfriend had no phone, and the girlfriend had no communications of any kind. So they faked the timestamps to make it look like the boyfriend arrived at the same time as the girlfriend, and then waited two hours to do anything.

Then they saw the video with the fake timestamps had some dog walkers who would know it was after 6AM. So they threw away that video, and made some new video with no dog walkers and no timestamps.

Then they made new video two years later, with one of the dog walkers and fake timestamps. I will pay generously for the name of the dog walker who let the murderer into the building, which has been hidden.

Was Mulrenin On Butanediol "G"?

No, Mulrenin was probably not on G, even though everyone knew Mandi would have liked it. There was evidence in the apartment of immediate use of cocaine, codeine cut into the cocaine, vodka, and marijuana. His straw had his DNA, her straw had both their DNA. His blood had caffeine, viagra, cocaine, and alcohol. Mandi was previously arrested with a legal substance in her car, that was put there because the person who owned it crashed his car on a road trip. She did not know what it was, and police mistook it for GHB, and told the papers that. So it is a false myth that Mandi was arrested with GHB, which she herself does not really understand. She sat in jail in Georgia for two weeks and had her car impounded for three months, and never had any idea what it was until they dropped the case after the GBI lab report said there was no GHB.

When the detectives went to Dollhouse they said "your boss was murdered, he went over the balcony and died." This was misinterpreted that he was thrown off the balcony (when witnesses said he was alone and jumped after lingering). Based on the fake GHB news stories, the people at the strip club developed the theory Mandi must have drugged him to be able to overpower such a strong guy, and police encouraged it. (Mandi was drinking with her boss at the club, but not to drug him, but because he was apparently her customer for over a year.) There was a girl in the jail from the strip club neighborhood who knew the drug dealer Mandi was with that night (and secretly had the same lawyer as him though the case was sealed to hide it), who later falsely claimed Mandi confessed. This girl heard on the news there was evidence of a struggle (there wasn't), and confronted Mandi in the jail saying there would be evidence of a struggle from Mandi throwing him off.

Mandi avoided the girl, and called her mom to confirm nobody was actually saying the gossip from the fake confession girl, that Mandi threw Mulrenin over. Mandi then told her mom on the jail phone something which the confession girl got from her contacts in her neighborhood, and was telling the girls in jail who saw the news story, that the dead guy was on "G" (which is Mandi's sex placebo though guys just give it to her and she has no real idea what it is). The girl who claimed Mandi confessed got the additional information from her and the drug dealer's lawyer, and from her neighbor who was the drug dealer's ex wife who hated Mandi, that "G" not GHB is the drug Mandi was arrested with. Mandi appears to have incorrectly seized on this false gossip that there was G in the drinks because she felt drugged - and because Mulrenin acted crazy - when in fact Mulrenin cut codeine into her cocaine while she was out smoking.

The fake confession girl could not have gotten it from Mandi that G is not the same as GHB, because Mandi does not know what either one is or that they are different. Madara clearly knew G is not GHB. Mandi does not clearly know that. Mandi does not know what GHB is, and never heard of it other than being told she had it.

I have been reflecting on Mandi's pattern of repeating things other people say, seemingly without even thinking about what she herself knows or has witnessed. This leads me to conclude Mandi got the idea Mulrenin was on G from Madara, who was telling that to the girls in jail. And Madara got it from Conway, where it was hypothesized based on misinformation. Mandi then called and told her mother, as if enlightened by this revelation from a stranger.

Mandi described Mulrenin on the jail phone call as going crazy, which is something she expected guys on G to do. I am familiar with how this guy acted at the club. After being shot, I think he would be torn between wanting to go crazy, and not wanting to make a scene where he lives. He has all those drugs in the apartment, he drugged a girl, there was sordid activity with the customers and the dance coupons. He knows from his past VOP arrest that he can bring trouble on himself, and the last thing you want is too much attention when you are engaged in those kinds of activities. So Mulrenin was probably very angry, but confused as to what to do.

The most proximate original felony leading to the chain of events, was cutting codeine into Mandi Jackson's cocaine, disrupting her schedule with her boyfriend. The best way to understand everything about the case, is to pretend Mandi wasn't even there, and everything she knows about what happened she heard from someone else.

Evidence Tampering Quick Hits

Seven identifiable marks in a bullet, that match a different material, show it did not travel straight through a cushion and land on the floor as claimed by police. The sofa the bullet supposedly passed through, with the victim's blood, was photographed with a moving blanket on it, but disappeared before being logged into evidence.

They lied and told the court the victim was alive in a coma for two days, to hide that he was in organ donation for two days before he was examined, because it was called in as a suicide, and nobody heard a gunshot. The police changed the police report and the witnesses changed their testimony, to include hearing a gunshot.

Three gloves in the police report "with apparent blood stains" disappear before the crime scene analysis and trial, but suddenly gloves found somewhere else have blood stains and the crime scene tech testifies to different numbers of gloves found at each trial.

The video timestamps are off by seven minutes compared to two cell phone companies, the gate logs, and the door logs, a cop is caught lying about it, and then he lies about it even more at the next trial.

Someone takes a lot of effort to change times from one police report to the next, delete the timestamps off the video, delete video of the person who let the murderer into the building, claim to not know that person's name, and not mention the person who let the murderer into the building in any police report, instead blaming it on a non-functioning latch. Video of the murderer propping open the door to do the murder, "clearly" sending texts, and fleeing the scene, all goes missing. The 13-year apartment manager says the video is on a different floor and corner of the building, from the detective who added new timestamps and labels to the video two years after he collected it and deleted the timestamps. The timeline claimed by the detective with his new video timestamps is impossible.

The new timestamps claim an armed robbery with a tense, bloody struggle took place for 79 minutes, but the gun that was held that entire time has no DNA or fingerprints on it, not even partials, not even on the shells inside the cylinder. That gun is clearly staged and photographed after it was found, and then further staged with a bra covering it, to suggest it was found in a girl's drawer.

Every incriminating item in the defendants' car is staged into plain sight through the windshield, in precarious positions covering the seats where they were supposedly sitting when they got arrested, to get a search warrant based on items in plain sight. Police are intentionally ambiguous about where they collected the DNA swabs, don't even send most swabs to the lab, and don't even check most items for blood or other transferred material, and then a year later they get DNA results and change where they say they found them to exactly fit their new narrative.

The local mob says it is good those police faked that evidence against a druggy stripper, and it is rare that they fake evidence, when how rare it is or isn't is completely hidden from the public; it is never written down when it happens and it is intentionally kept impossible to research or take any census of. Slimeballs worship a cop overclass and will cheer and defend them victimizing the innocent as part of a sick religion, because they struck out finding husbands of their own.