IV - 1
1. Jose Baez - December 2016 - page 2
2. Girls in Jail - 2016 to 2019 - page 6
3. Julie Madara - 2016 to 2019 - page 8
4. Maletta Young - 2017 to 2019 - page 17
5. Kaylee Simmons - 2017 to 2019 - page 21
6. The Four Motives - December 14, 2016 - page 32
7. Scott Love Morals - 1986 to present - page 37
8. Caught Red-Handed - January 2019 - page 39
9. Trial by Legal Secretary - 2019 - page 42
10. Kingdom of Liars - 2016 to 2019 - page 50
11. Trial Outtakes - 2019 - page 58
12. Christmas in Whoville - Summer 2019 - page 62
13. Mandi May Jury - October, November 2019 - page 66
14. The Small Details - December 2016 - page 71
15. The Big Picture Narrative - October, November 2019 - page 72
16. Jurors and Google - November 2019 - page 79
17. What Really Happened - December 14, 2016 - page 81
18. Young Girls And Old Men - December 2016 - page 95
19. Long Story Short - 2016 to 2019 - 96
20. Dead at 21 - 2100 - page 98
IV - 2
1. JOSE BAEZ - December 2016
One of the enduring features of the Seminole County jail is girls get to read stories about the other girls in jail, in the
newspaper. It is another example of shameless dishonesty, with no motive but to take the life of a young girl, that no
one will even admit this small persistent fact. Every person associated with Mandi's case, from state attorneys to
deputy sheriffs to jail employees to 15-time incarcerated felons, will tell you with a straight face that the jail
employees examine every newspaper thoroughly and removed every story that ever mentioned an inmate, so this
never happened.
The state attorney included as discovery, a recorded phone call from jail on December 30, 2016. In the phone call,
Mandi talks with her mother about stories about her own case, in the newspaper available inside the jail that day.
The state attorney also included as discovery, a recorded phone call from the jail where Julie Madara mentions
reading about another inmate in the newspaper. There were also stories in the newspaper when Mandi was in the
Orange County jail, when she was first arrested. Eventual jailhouse witness Kaylee Simmons swore that eventual
jailhouse witness Julie Madara was always the first to read the newspaper, where she could find the details of
allegations against other inmates.
In the December 30, 2016 phone call, Mandi and her mother were in a panic about the false accusations against
Mandi which were being spread online and in the newspaper. Mandi was crying out loud on the phone. The news
stories were read in jail by Julie Madara, who then made a false claim that Mandi confessed to the exact crime she
was accused of, but which there was no hard evidence of. What Mandi and her mother didn't know, is the false
accusations were provided to the newspaper by someone that had been paid to help Mandi, attorney Jose Baez.
The December 30, 2016 newspaper stories first appeared online on December 28 or 29, 2016. They had details and
images of Mandi's arrest affidavit, which I had just handed to the tattooed receptionist at the Orlando office of
attorney Jose Baez during my lunch break on December 28, 2016. Madara's claimed confession from Mandi
included multiple details from this arrest affidavit including 1) Mandi applied to Dollhouse based on somehow
knowing the amount of money Mulrenin would have in his pocket at the end of the night, and 2) Mandi was "in
contact" with Mulrenin in a struggle immediately prior to him going over the balcony.
The actions of attorney Jose Baez, to whom I gave my trust and my money, and who had a duty of care to Mandi,
led directly to Julie Madara's confession scam, and Mandi's resulting conviction and two life sentences.
I first contacted the Orlando office of Jose Baez within a few days of Mandi being arrested, probably around
Thursday December 22, 2016. The female I talked to gave me the name of a different female who would call me
back. The name of the second female was a short white-girl name like "Jen." After a few days I was finally able to
talk to that second female. Within two hours of talking to that employee of Jose Baez on the phone, there were
suddenly new news articles and blog posts about Mandi's case on the web, including one on caseyanthony.com.
At the time, I was a web and traffic and news and clicks junky. People had been paying me to put up new web sites,
and generate traffic for new web businesses, since 2001, going back to when the web was young and traffic was up
for grabs. When Mandi got arrested, I was sitting in front of a computer every waking minute of every day, working
on a contract for the oldest cloud-hosting company in Florida. I had been searching the web for news and pages with
Mandi or Scott or Mulrenin's name in them, approximately every 30 minutes since Mandi got arrested. As an expert
on web marketing and search-engine optimization, I was qualified to locate and make note of new web content
when it appeared, authoritatively and exhaustively.
At the time I began soliciting the Baez law firm, it was around a week after Mandi's arrest. Mandi's facebook had
been closed, and there had been no new online content with Mandi's name in it for days. When there are no new
stories or blogs for many days, and then one gets indexed by search engines as live user content at
caseyanthony.com within less than two hours of me talking to the female at the office of Jose Baez, I know the
female at the office of Jose Baez made the blogger at caseyanthony.com aware of the story. The business plan of
caseyanthony.com was to drive clicks based on content associated with legal activities of Jose Baez.
It is not clear to me that having blogs repeat the accusations against Mandi helped her case. And the evidence is that
IV - 3
it actually hurt her case by stirring up anger at Mandi based on false information.
After several calls to the Orlando phone number of Jose Baez, I was finally able to talk on the phone to the female
who was originally named as the appropriate contact who would call me back. She asked someone between phone
calls, and told me I think $120,000 as a ballpark estimate of what hiring Jose might cost. I think she was a little
vague at first around $100,000. Then she talked to someone and got a firm response. $120k was the firm number.
She said paying in installments was acceptable. I told her how much I would pay up front, and how long it would
take to pay the rest. Again she confirmed with someone else, and said this was acceptable, it was a standard
After talking to this female on the phone around December 26, 2016 about how much Jose Baez might charge, and
agreeing that I could pay it, I finally got an appointment for a consultation. She said I needed to pay $1000 in
advance to talk to Jose Baez. Though the other attorneys promoted by the Orlando office with his name on it, were
offering free consultations.
The reason I contacted Jose Baez was not because he got a not-guilty verdict for Casey Anthony, when she was
obviously guilty. I knew Mandi was not guilty. I contacted Jose Baez because after Casey Anthony, his career
strategy seemed to be only taking on cases where the defendant was not guilty or there was a reasonable doubt, to
pad and protect his record.
I was a high-tech stalker who often knew exactly what Mandi had been doing every day. I knew she was not guilty
of what she was accused of. I thought the difference between the outlandish accusations, and what actually
happened, was the ideal raw material for Jose Baez to continue to build his reputation. The difference between the
crazy accusations and the truth, would provide Jose with a lot of material to strut around and be zealous about, and
prevail in court.
I went to the Orlando office of Jose Baez on December 28, 2016, the day before my consultation, to pay the $1000.
I got a copy of the arrest affidavit from the Seminole Clerk of Courts, and brought it with me. I gave my copy to the
young tattooed female at the office of Jose Baez. I did this because she said it would be helpful to provide Jose
information on the case. Within hours of my leaving the office, the exact copy I left at the office of Jose Baez, with
the exact markings and orientation of the pages that came off the copy machine at the Seminole County courthouse,
appeared at WESH.com with a story titled something like "new details in the case."
There were no new public details in the case. The arrest affidavit had been available in person, through the court
clerk at the Seminole County criminal courthouse, for days. Court records were not available online until a few
months later.
And there had been no new web stories on Mandi's case for at least a few days, maybe a week. In fact, there had
been no new news stories since the first time I brought the case to the attention of the female on the phone at Jose's
office. So it is was obvious beyond any doubt that the female at Jose Baez's office scanned and emailed the arrest
affidavit I brought her, to WESH the second I walked out the door. They also somehow got it at a site called
lawnewz.com that immediately pushed a new story based on the arrest affidavit soon after I left their office.
After nothing for many days, there was an immediate flurry of news stories based on the arrest affidavit which I
brought to Jose Baez's office to help Mandi. It is not clear that promoting a bunch of news stories repeating the false
accusations helped Mandi. Based on people I have spoken to, it hurt her case.
The clerk at the Seminole courthouse printed the arrest affidavit on a printer behind the counter. She then redacted it
by hand, crossing out personal information with a pen, before she handed it to me. I gave that original copy to the
tattooed receptionist at the Orlando office of Jose Baez. After she scanned it in to email to Jose, I told her to keep
the original and give me a copy, to make sure it did not hurt his eyes to read a bad copy. So the copy I got was
produced from the same scan that she sent to the media. As a result, I was able to match the copies which
immediately appeared online to my own. My own copy matched the copies which appeared online not only based
on the flaws and markings from the Seminole courthouse, but based on the additional scanning artifacts produced at
the office of Jose Baez, the imperfections, and the angle of the lines relative to level.
IV - 4
At the time, I assumed I would hire Jose Baez. So I had no choice but to trust his decision to push the accusations
out to the media, before I even met him. I texted Mandi's mother about how I didn't like all the news stories, but I
had to accept the wisdom of a paid expert with more experience than me, if that is how he chose to manage the case.
So the day came for my $1000 consultation with Jose Baez, and I was told Jose is not here but he is coming. Sean
Landers will meet with me instead. Sean seemed like a good and smart lawyer, but he does not charge $1000 for a
consultation, his are free like every other lawyer in Orlando. After I spoke with Sean at length and he took many
notes, Jose walked in and spoke briefly. Jose obviously had no idea about the case. Jose started out by running off
two or three stock lines about the law.
Jose used his three inane lines to brag how whatever the victim says, we can attack his credibility. In fact the victim
was dead and won't be saying anything. This was about three quarters of the way through my consultation. But
whereas everybody on Jose's receptionist's tip list knew the victim was dead, Jose did not.
Jose then went on to quiz me over whether the defendant had family, and what their jobs are, how much money they
have or make. So I basically paid $1000 to 1) have someone promote news stories about Mandi doing terrible things
which she didn't do, 2) talk to a free-consultation lawyer Sean Landers, 3) hear Jose recite a few lines that were so
generic and irrelevant it was embarrassing, and 4) be quizzed about how much money the defendant's family has.
After I mentioned I was giving the defendant a lot of money to spend on food from the jail commissary, Jose told
me that she might "blow up" and I "might not want her any more."
Jose said this was a problem for him. He said if he took the case, and I lost interest in the defendant and I didn't
want to pay him, the judge might not let him withdraw from the case. Jose was too busy with the Hernandez case
and stated that even after that, he had no interest in criminal cases as there was "no money in it." He said he wanted
to do a civil case.
I told Jose this had nothing to do with my personal interest in the defendant. It was based on my personal interest in
the truth, which my interest in the defendant put me in a position to know. I was there because I knew something
about the case, I knew the defendant was falsely accused, and truth and justice are of value to me. I was pursuing
abstract ideals, not sex. Sex is as common as sociopathic self-absorbed Jewish attorneys with catholicized names.
Though not specifically for them, I can guess, just based on Jose's cheezy BMW jacket which he wore to match his
At first it was hard to put Jose's "no money in it" in context, in a consultation I paid $1000 for. Jose made his
generic comments about strategy to win a criminal case, and then he offered the caveat there was "no money in it,"
It came across like "during the trial we can question the victim's credibility, but there is no money in it." Was he
speaking figuratively, was he telling me his own strategy would be ineffective? It took me a moment to put together
he was not characterizing his strategy to get a not-guilty verdict as ineffective. He was saying getting a not-guilty
verdict in Mandi's case literally would not produce any money. He thought it was useful to point out that a winning
verdict in a civil case produces money.
I was told it would be $120,000 to hire Jose, or I could hire Sean Landers for "about half that" $60,000. I said I
already told the receptionist I was ready to pay according to the terms she relayed to me. Jose told me they would
look into the case and call me. They never did. I sent several emails and made several calls to the office, and got no
I have since met people around town who read the news stories set up by the female working at Jose's office, and as
a direct result of the broader promotion of this misinformation, had been demanding the defendant's head in every
avenue available to them. The news stories Jose's receptionist directly created were read by girls in the jail, recycled
as gossip, and presented at trial as confessions from the defendant. And it delayed the trial by years in the process.
To me, this seems unethical. I got swindled out of $1000. I have since done what I promised Jose I would do, I have
spent over $100,000 on lawyers in Mandi's case. I did not get what was promised to me, and in fact they hurt the
defendant immeasurably through their active promotion of dirt in the press.
IV - 5
The things Jose said in his "consultation" were so inane and misplaced, I have since come to suspect he provokes a
favorable impulse from jurors only by seeming harmless and pathetic. It looks like he has mild microcephaly from
zika or something. And his eyes are close together. The effect is he strikes you as too stupid and earnest, to lie or
have sinister intentions. He looks a victim of injustice just standing in front of you. The jury will give this pathetic
man whatever he is up there passionately asking for like a shoeless beggar, just to make the world more fair.
On the other hand, he wore a cheezy BMW jacket that seemed a little childish, a little beneath a famous forty-six-
year-old millionaire trial lawyer. I could see how those dumb fuck Seminole jurors might be on his same
wavelength and think that was a really cool jacket. This guy for real had a bourgeois BMW and matching jacket to
swindle me out of my $1k.
Logo items are common expressions of aspirations by idiots. Like a kid riding the city bus might wear a jacket with
a picture of a car on it. An undergraduate at UCF might wear a baseball cap with the name of a law firm on it. Jose
owned the BMW and still wore the jacket. Do NFL players wear their jerseys to Walmart?
Normally lawyers like to pose in suits with law library books behind them. This guy came representing car wax and
lawsuits. And sending news stories with details of the false accusations against the defendant, into the jail. And with
a proposed strategy to discredit the testimony of a dead person.
IV - 6
2. GIRLS IN JAIL - 2016 to 2019
I had an educational experience with girls in jail. Mandi gives them my number. She is eager to please them. She
tells them I once gave her $15,000 in cash which I never did, and that I am going to buy her a $100,000 car when
she gets out of jail. They call me thinking I will buy them a car also. Usually they call after they get out of jail, but I
get a lot of calls from in jail also.
A girl who got moved from the Osceola County jail to Seminole County was desperate to make contact with her
dear friend who was still in Osceola County. The girl in Osceola County had cancer in her stomach, and was
probably near death. That was my understanding of the emotional importance to the Seminole girl, who was worried
about her sick friend and wanted to make contact. Osceola was a heroin dealer. Seminole passed over $1 million in
counterfeit in a dozen counties, including Osceola and Seminole.
I tried to find the Osceola girl on the jail website, but she had been released. So we tried multiple phone numbers for
her and left messages. Finally after a lot of messages explaining how Osceola's dear friend was trying to reach her,
someone picked up during a message on an old-timey landline answering machine, and said "Don't call here any
more." I believe it was Osceola's mother. So I waited like a week, and tried again.
Finally Osceola picked up the phone and talked to me. She said she refused to talk to Seminole, because she had
since learned from other girls in Osceola, how Seminole was actually a sick evil sociopathic mentally-ill liar.
The pictures Seminole showed in jail of her own baby daughter, were really pictures she had stolen. Seminole
stalked the child of another girl in Osceola jail and took pictures with the other girl's child, claiming the child was
her own. Seminole stole something, or did a number of other evil and lying things. Osceola spent everything she
had to make Seminole a jail birthday cake the day she left Osceola, and Seminole had betrayed Osceola with these
There was some secret about Seminole that was so awful and shocking, Osceola did not even want to tell me. She
said if she told me, I would never want to talk to Seminole again. She finally revealed the terrible secret to me.
Seminole... HAS SUGAR DADDIES! This from a heroin dealer.
Osceola then explained to me how she had swallowed a piece of metal in jail, and got beat up by a guard, and
needed to go to the hospital straight from the jail when she got released. And she finally had surgery to cut the metal
out of her stomach. She said it was like a piece of a fork that accidentally fell in her food in the jail kitchen. Osceola
said she was in the hospital recovering from surgery, and that is why she could not respond to my phone calls for a
week. I never mentioned cancer to Osceola. She did not know Seminole told me she had cancer.
Based on facebook pictures and other facts I had accumulated, I was able to prove to Osceola that the pictures of
Seminole's baby daughter really were her daughter. Even though the girls in jail were way out ahead of me, warning
Osceola that Seminole had multiple fake facebook pages full of fake pictures, to trick guys to send her money. And
the other evil things Osceola had learned about Seminole were also lies, told by the other girls in jail who were
actually lying. Except the sugar daddy part was true.
Whether Osceola had cancer, or got beat up by a guard and swallowed a piece of metal from a kitchen tool, I could
not possibly guess. Though I gave it a lot of thought. Seminole's story about the cancer was sincere, and is what
motivated her emotional impulse to contact Osceola. Osceola's metal story had elaborate details, but they seemed
improbable. But nothing about Osceola's activities or life plans matched someone who has advanced cancer. She
talked about working a job and some other things in a casual manner, not like someone who was dying.
After six months of thinking about it, I finally came up with a theory about which jail girl was telling the truth, and
whether Osceola really had cancer. Osceola is a drug person, her business is contraband. Osceola probably had a
piece of metal contraband which she swallowed during a search. It could have been a pipe, or something used to
create a spark and light a contraband cigarette, who knows. She hid it in her mouth. When the guards said "open
your mouth" she swallowed it.
IV - 7
Osceola's story, which she then told in jail to explain her medical problem, was that she had cancer. Seminole was
worried because she knew Osceola had a pipe stuck in her stomach and was in extreme pain. But Seminole told me
the lying story about cancer, because she assumed Osceola was still in jail, and all her communications with me
were monitored. Osceola then told me the semi-true story that it was a piece of metal stuck in her stomach, because
she was actually at home. But she still didn't tell me the contraband part.
The point is, girls in jail tell complicated elaborate stories. And there is no way for a stranger to determine what is
true, or if any of it is true, even after thinking about it for six months. People who deal with girls in jail all the time,
such as prosecutors, must have already figured this out a long time ago. So any plan to use testimony from girls in
jail, by someone who is familiar with girls in jail, is a blatant and conscious plan to use lies. And to exploit the
naivete of jurors, who are not familiar with girls in jail.
Prosecutors put the word out in the jail that they need witnesses, when the case is big in the news, and they don't
have anything. I got hints from a number of girls that they had been pressured to come up with stories about Mandi,
and other girls in jail. Like a girl who knew Ishnar Lopez-Ramos, suddenly denied having met her. She was
paranoid somehow the prosecutors would bring her dropped charges back, to try again to pressure her to testify.
Another girl who knew Mandi suddenly said like she had no idea what Mandi was even charged with. She had fear
in her voice, fear of prosecutors ratcheting up her charges and holding her, to pressure her to testify.
Perhaps as many as 12 girls in jail provided prosecutors different stories where they claimed Mandi confessed to
them. Which is not surprising, given Mandi was an invited guest of Mulrenin who arrived and left without Scott,
and could not have been in contact with Scott. There was no other way for prosecutors to prove Mandi's mind
contained a plan to collude with Scott and rob Mulrenin. Of those probably 12 jail girls who made up some
confession story, I only ever found out what four actually claimed Mandi told them. And of those four, only two
made it to the stand at Mandi's trial.
The first was Julie Madara, a forty-something self-described indulgent addict who burglarized people's homes, and
sold their heirlooms for drugs. She had convictions for 15 felonies and 2 misdemeanor crimes of dishonesty, and
was facing a 10-year sentence, when she learned Mandi knew many of the same people as her, and began
researching Mandi's case on her own. Madara is an alcoholic, with a stunted cranium that suggests her mother was
also an alcoholic. Madara blamed Mandi's attorney for losing one of her cases a few years earlier, and wanted
The second was Maletta Young, a habitual offender who had been selling drugs and getting felonies at least since
she was 20. 10 years later around age 30, Maletta was convicted for selling every drug except marijuana at once -
fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, meth, pills - while possessing a loaded firearm as a convicted felon, and extra bullets in a
drug baggie, and also for arranging an aggravated home-invasion battery where she stepped over the body of the
helpless victim who had been kicked in the head. Maletta was an informant on an unknown number of cases, was
released without bond, and got just two years for everything I just listed. Maletta got 21 new felony charges just
between Mandi getting arrested and Mandi's trial, and ended up not testifying for some reason unknown to me.
The third was 18-year-old Kaylee Simmons looking at five total felony convictions, including carjacking and
kidnapping, and facing a minimum of 10.5 years and a maximum of life. Kaylee Simmons was a proud teen lesbian,
a sort of retarded savant who could probably remember the second she was born but garbled certain words, a child
sexual abuse and trafficking victim, and was just downright creepy and unfortunate. I can't imagine what kind of
sick men paid to stick their dicks in that haunted-house character. She was also Mandi's best friend in jail until they
got caught kissing on camera and separated. Kaylee made a deal to provide secret information on four different
cases. One of the cases, Tina Poirier, told Mandi that Kaylee just went into her cell and read her police report.
The fourth story about Mandi came from Ishnar Lopez-Ramos, the infamous love-triangle murder-for-hire case in
Kissimmee. She wanted to kill her boyfriend's new girlfriend. They kidnapped the wrong person by mistake, a total
stranger, an innocent mother. They put a bag over her head and beat her anyway. The prosecution offered Lopez 60
years. Then she wrote a document claiming to have confessions from three or four different cases, and they offered
her 40 years. Nothing came of it by the time of Mandi's trial. Like all the other girl's stories, Lopez said some pretty
random details. Lopez said the victim in Mandi's case was a manager at Cleo's, the wrong strip club, Scott Love
owned a car, and Mandi's case involved two guns. Girls in jail know the prosecution wants a gun in Mandi's hand.
IV - 8
3. JULIE MADARA - 2017, 2019
One of the more sickening moments in the trial came when this disgusting alcohol-stunted hag Julie Madara
claimed Mandi saw her as a mother figure, and laid her head on Madara's lap and called her "Mama Jules." I have
never seen Mandi remotely role-play the child-mother role. Mandi has no concept of a caring mother, Mandi's
mother is hard, not affectionate. Mandi has no concept that she is a different age from old people. Mandi doesn't
want a mother. Mandi sees herself as the mother who needs to do the caring, Mandi never ever ever sees herself as
the baby and never asks to be taken care of. Mandi absolutely never uses word "mama" like a latin person, neither
the word nor the concept. It would probably be "mommy" but Mandi never said that word either. Mandi never calls
me daddy or anything sick like that, I would puke. She sees me as a little brother.
I wouldn't be comfortable around the person Madara describes, not in any role like that. And a person like Madara
describes wouldn't be comfortable around me. Mandi never treats old guys in the strip club like they are any older
than her. Mandi doesn't have the social concept of it, she does not recognize or comprehend whatsoever that an old
person should care about her. She sees old women as sex partners. She's sees herself in competition with her
stepmother. I am sure she saw Mulrenin as a little brother. Mandi is somehow colorblind to age. Mandi never knew
that she was a child.
In her first month in Florida prison, Mandi probably had sex with women whose total age exceeds 200 years. And
like her boyfriends outside of jail, her girlfriends in jail all seem to have an eight-year-old son. Are you surprised
there are aggressive sociopaths in prison just like Mandi gave herself to on the outside, and Mandi spends all day in
prison on drugs? To me it's the least disturbing thing at this point.
Madara said Mandi Jackson called her "Mama Jules" and confessed to her on a mattress under the stairs in the
Seminole County Jail. The other girls in jail told me the only thing Mandi would have been doing under there with
Madara is having sex with her. Reality is dissonant. Non-reality is projecting your own life experiences - your
"common sense" as prosecutor Stone told the jury - onto a stranger called Mandi Jackson. Non-reality is ignoring
the truth in favor of your own preconceptions, like Detective Sprague.
It is more likely a conversation like Madara described, took place with Kaylee Simmons, in February of 2017 before
Kaylee could have met Mandi. Kaylee was sexually abused as a child, and is used to being treated like or playing
the role of a victim, of a child. Mandi played the mother role, telling me Kaylee had a hard life and needed a break
on her sentence. Mandi tried to get me to send money to feed Kaylee's sister's kids. Madara said the person who
cried on her lap and confessed was "Kaylee" multiple times at Mandi's trial, despite Madara previously claiming she
and Kaylee never met.
At Madara's deposition, Madara quoted the girl in her confession as saying "I'm only 19 years old. I have my whole
life ahead of me and I have this now." On September 21, 2016, when Kaylee was arrested, she was 19. When
Kaylee supposedly met Madara right before Madara sent her letter to the prosecutor, Kaylee had just turned 20 a
few days earlier, whereas Mandi had been 21 for 9 months. At Mandi's trial, Kaylee said "I've been my whole life in
here." Though like many things, it is not in the transcript. It was around when she said "actually growing up,
because, you know, I never got that chance. I never had an ID or anything." For contrast, Mandi never mentioned
any concept of a future life different from and better than the present. Mandi thought she was always an adult.
After interviewing Julie Madara at Lowell prison, the prosecution claimed Mandi Jackson made the following
statements to Julie Madara:
1. Mandi Jackson and Scott Love, and a person named Christopher Dahl, devised a plan by which Mandi Jackson
would take the money of the manager of Dollhouse, James Mulrenin.
2) Scott Love reluctantly agreed to participate in this plan
3) Pursuant to this plan, the defendant obtained employment at Dollhouse,
4) Mandi Jackson went to James Mulrenin's residence, at which Mandi Jackson and James Mulrenin drank and
IV - 9
ingested cocaine
5) Mandi Jackson placed a substance in the drink of James Mulrenin for the purpose of impairing/incapacitating
James Mulrenin.
6) Mandi Jackson opened the front door of the residence and allowed Scott Love into the residence
7) A struggle with James Mulrenin ensued within the residence during which Scott Love shot James Mulrenin in the
8) James Mulrenin attempted to leave the residence but was unable to do so because Scott Love was standing in
front of the front door holding a gun
9) James Mulrenin went to the balcony at which a struggle took place while James Mulrenin, Mandi Jackson, and
Scott Love were on the balcony, during which James Mulrenin went off the balcony
10) Mandi Jackson and Scott Love panicked, took James Mulrenin's wallet and credit cards and used James
Mulrenin's credit cards to make a purchase or purchases.
The prosecution must have felt a little hesitant describing exactly what Madara said, and wanted to keep it general.
They knew it was lies, and just wanted to scare Mandi into taking a 25-year deal. Because Madara expanded on
some pretty odd things in a deposition a year later, including:
A) The plan to target Mulrenin was based on Mandi saying Mulrenin "carried a lot of cash on him." Mandi "said he
carried -- she specifically said 13,000 dollars, he's always got, like 13,000 dollars in his pocket."
B) Mandi Jackson specifically slipped the drug "G" in Mulrenin's drink to incapacitate him, which Madara said was
the same drug Mandi got arrested with in Georgia.
Finally at trial, Madara recited the "shot while fleeing" narrative from Sprague's police report. She said they tried to
tie Mulrenin up with duct tape but he resisted and stood up. So they shot him, and he ran off the balcony. Just like
when everyone else says it, Madara's story is inconsistent with the fact that he sat in the recliner and bled for a few
minutes, further from the balcony than the supposed bullet hole. And the duct tape is the circumference of his thigh,
and has blood in two spots that match the entry and exit wound. In theory they could have shot him, and then tried
to tie him up. But Madara's story doesn't match that possible story. Madara's story matches Detective Sprague and
prosecutor Stone's impossible story.
Understand Madara's confession is worthless to any sane person in normal circumstances. Lead Detective Sprague
was present for Madara's original statements at Lowell prison. He said at trial that he did not even bother to
investigate them. He said at trial the name "Christopher Dahl" was not even familiar to him, he had no recollection
of Madara saying that name. The only purpose of writing down the statements of a 15-time felon, was to overwhelm
and intimidate Mandi Jackson while they kept her drugged in isolation for 6 months, to force her to testify against
Scott Love in exchange for a 25-year sentence. They locked Mandi in isolation and slipped Madara's subpoena
under the door, thinking it would scare her. Mandi had no idea what is was or why.
The basic idea of what happened, that Mandi went to Mulrenin's apartment and did cocaine, and Scott showed up
and shot him in the leg, is not in dispute. Mandi also told her mother on the recorded jail phone that Mulrenin was
on G, and the jail girls in the day room literally have nothing better to do than eavesdrop on phone calls. But right
away, you start to see problems with the parts of Madara's story which police had no proof of and desperately
needed, the parts where Madara tries to say Mandi planned to rob Mulrenin.
There is no reason for Mandi to apply for and get and work a job with her real name, and go to Mulrenin's
apartment for two hours and tie him up in duct tape, to stick him up for money he "carried on him." They can do
that right on the sidewalk. Unless the truth of what Madara says doesn't matter, and you just want to hear a 15-time
felon who is getting out of prison early for saying it, say Mandi is guilty.
IV - 10
$13k does not fit in your pocket even straight from the bank. Certainly not in a GQ man's money clip. 130 used
$100 bills obtained as revenue in a strip club will stack two inches high. Madara is correct there was $13,000
involved in this case. $13k is the amount police found in Mulrenin's storage closet, $13,000 is the number that
appeared in the police report, $1300 is the number Mini-Jim quoted to me at Gator's Sodo, and that 13 number also
appeared in a newspaper article that all the girls read in jail.
Only problem is, Mandi had no way of knowing there was $13k hidden in Mulrenin's balcony closet in a boot box.
Probably not even Mulrenin knew there was $13k in his boot box. until the police counted it. The cash was jumbled
together with different denominations in different stacks of different sizes, some inside a bag, some inside an
envelope. Certainly no one other than Mulrenin could know that exact number 13. Anyone describing the money
they thought Mulrenin had, might guess 10 or 20, but not 13.
Most of the money in the boot box in his closet was in a black plastic bag. But there was some money outside the
bag that looked like he could have just thrown it in there, that looks like maybe $2500. Maybe the missing witness
was right, maybe Mulrenin really did leave with $2500 and just threw it in there without putting it in the bag. But
that means at the beginning of the night when Mandi supposedly planned the robbery, there would have been only
$11k in there not $13k.
Suppose that extra $2500 outside the main bag was already in the box before that night. If you somehow got a look
inside the open box, that is all you would see. You would see something that looked like maybe $2500 depending on
what bills are really in the stacks, and a black plastic bag. And if the stacks actually contain $1's and $20's, it's a lot
less than $2500.
It is not until you open up the black plastic bag next to the money, that you see there is more money inside. And it is
not until you actually see what bills are inside the stacks and count them, that you know how much it is total. That
would take at least a few minutes to get a rough count. And some of the money is in paper bands and old rubber
bands, which would be hard to replace after counting. So nobody but Mulrenin can even know there is that much
money in there, much less the exact amount.
It is not credible that someone would dress up as a stripper, drive to the far side of Orlando, apply for a job with a
stranger, work an entire night with the hope that stranger might invite her home, drive her boyfriend to another
county at 5AM, and drink with a reputed rapist in his apartment for two hours, based on a rumor about how much
money that stranger might have in his pocket at the end of the night. Or even in a box. Especially not when every
strip club in Florida has high-rollers waving more cash around than a neanderthal strip-club manager will ever hope
to pocket. You think a stripper needs to be tipped off to find a guy carrying cash? Only in the land of pure idiots,
Seminole County. Everyone in the strip club has more cash than the manager.
No matter how you look at it, Madara's claim about Mandi confessing a plan with the detail of the $13k mentioned
in the police report is not credible. $13k cannot be the plan, it can only be the accusation after the money is counted
by police. Madara is reciting an accusation, not a confession.
But the jury surely never had the chance to perform anything like the analysis I did here, and may have just taken it
at face value. It's just garbage, Mandi simply never said it, not in his pocket because she couldn't predict and it
wouldn't fit, and not in his box because she couldn't know. It is not possible she said what Madara claims. But
garbage is the standard of government employees to take a young girl's life. Does it matter that they can just pay
Madara to say nonsense and take a young girl's life?
According to witnesses on the ground who clearly saw Mulrenin on his illuminated balcony before he jumped, he
was alone out there and not in a "struggle" as stated by Madara. This is also what Mandi told her mother on the
recorded jail phone. Police found work boots and the "Don't Tread On Me" shirt which they said Scott Love was
wearing on video at The Lofts. Neither had any blood, or any DNA of James Mulrenin. But there was blood from
Mulrenin's leg on the floor, sofa, duct tape, cable ties, sliding glass door, and front door. Mulrenin did NOT go over
in a struggle as claimed by Madara.
It was Madara who said at trial, Mandi confessed to seeing Mulrenin hit his head on the railing five stories below.
Evidence is he hit first hit the railing with his legs, and then hit his head on the wall, below the railing and out of
IV - 11
sight from the balcony. The way his legs were snapped, his head would have shattered if it hit that railing. His head
only had a cut on it, his skull was not even fractured. Didn't stop prosecutor Stone from leading the medical
examiner outside her expertise, to say the cut on his head could have come from hitting the railing. Meanwhile it
was dark and nobody was even on the balcony to see much less leaning over. And even if they had been, his whole
body would have obscured what part hit first.
There is also the general problem that Mandi seemed to already know James Mulrenin. She didn't just meet him that
night to set him up based on a tip from Chris Dahl in Madara's story. During her video interview, Neisha Cintron
described Mandi and Mulrenin as having an unusually close working relationship for two people who just met, right
from the beginning of the night. And cell tower records show Mandi at Mulrenin's house four times that week,
including a longer visit the previous Saturday than the night he died. So this pure theory that Mandi went to the
Dollhouse and met Mulrenin that night, for the purpose of robbing him, doesn't fit with actual evidence that Mandi
already knew Mulrenin for a while.
We also know Mandi does not use G to incapacitate people which was the center of Madara's story. Mandi does not
even think G can be used to incapacitate people.
Mandi Jackson participated in at least 8 different people taking G that I know of: Chris Dahl, herself, James Arnold
(I'm assuming), me, my neighbor from across West Muriel Street, Tywaun's best friend, the freaky lady whose house
they lived in, and boyfriend Tywaun. In none of these instances did Mandi ever expect G to incapacitate anyone.
Quite the opposite, Mandi Jackson wants to be fucked like a racehorse on G. At my house, she took G continuously
from maybe 11 AM to 4 PM. Not only did she not become incapacitated, she drove home and had sex with three
more people, in two sessions.
Six of those eight people Mandi participated in taking G, were guys. None of those six guys gave her a dollar after
taking G. She did not attempt to take money from any of them, or expect to get money from any of them, on the day
they took G. Mandi Jackson expected G to make a guy rowdier, and harder to handle. She expected it to make
Tywaun's best friend more vigorous. When he couldn't stay hard, she was disappointed the G didn't work, and
blamed his problems on cocaine.
I may have even taken G the day I fucked her upstairs at her mom's townhouse around June 2, 2016. Mandi took G
that day. I know she would have offered it to me. Her little brother's friends were there, her mom was there, her
mom's boyfriend James was there. Her mom said somebody saw Mandi squirting something in her mouth.
I saw Mandi taking G when nobody else was there. Combine that with what her mom said, she was taking it all day.
I fucked her for at least 30 minutes, so loud the people downstairs could hear. Then we carried her furniture down
the stairs together, out to my truck together, and unloaded it at my house together. Dresser, trunk, mattress, two
people. She was up to around 115 pounds that day when she took G and carried furniture. She had been putting on
weight from her new anxiety medication. She was buying too much Lucky Charms with those Walmart gift cards I
gave her.
After she took G and we had sex and we carried her furniture, she took all the bolts out of the top of her car engine
to try to find where oil was leaking from Then after all that, she took a brief nap from either exhaustion or her
anxiety medication. Then she woke up, put the screws back in her engine, tied the loose plastic parts above the
engine with duct tape, and hurried home to her boyfriend around 9 PM. That was a day on G for Mandi.
Julie Madara's central claim, that Mandi Jackson drugged Mulrenin with G with the expectation that he would
become incapacitated, or easier to rob in any way, is impossible. Everything in Mandi Jackson's prior behavior and
experience with G made it impossible for such an idea to exist in her head.
There is not much documentation of G on the web, because it does not do much. There is 10 million times more
written about kratom and CBD oil. But what little documentation there is on G shows it has been taken in the form
of gas-station sexual-enhancement placebos with names like "InnerG", "NRG3", and "Thunder Nectar." In other
words people expect it to give them more energy, to make them rowdier, to have more fun, to do crazier things.
This idea that anybody, much less Mandi, could think G would incapacitate someone and make him easier to rob, is
IV - 12
a complete invention by a sick felon, preying on gullible people who have no idea about anything, to get out of
prison. And Florida rubes are so dumb, this is how their justice system works. They free felons who invent nonsense
to victimize the innocent. Because some crazy hemp-oil grade science, and a moral panic about a drug with the
same letter. Mandi may as well incapacitate Mulrenin with a fucking mood crystal.
Mandi doesn't need to let Scott into the apartment, any more than a bank teller needs to let a robber into the bank.
She can just wait until Mulrenin is in the shower, or falls asleep, and take any money she knows about herself.
Fucking old guys, is how Mandi Jackson gets their money, she doesn't need a gun. A girl is born naked with
everything she needs to take a guy's money. Mandi has total confidence in her own ability to please a guy out of his
money. But there is no way Mandi is going to apply for and get and work a job, to steal rumored money she has
never even seen, in a world with a billion guys who will all pay money to fuck her in the first five minutes. She only
needs to walk down the sidewalk. A guy with a Mercedes will drive up, not a Chrysler 300.
There was also some allegation that Mulrenin went home with a lot of money because Dollhouse had a big night.
But Mandi could not have known Dollhouse would have a big night, and Mulrenin would therefore go home with a
lot of money, when she first applied. Both Gorewitz and cell towers have Mandi first coming to Dollhouse around
8:30 PM.
The part about Chris Dahl putting a reluctant Scott Love up to a robbery, didn't fit with what I knew about both their
personalities and habits. Something was fishy, I was recognizing something. I barely got to the bottom of Madara's
list of allegations when I suddenly realized: This was the same story Mini-Jim Ferrara said they invented in
Dollhouse on the night of December 14th. Madara was reciting the drugged-and-thrown-off-balcony story. Madara
started with the standard stuff in the newspaper and police report. But the part Madara added herself was the
drugged-and-thrown-off-balcony story.
Even the part about Scott standing by the front door holding a gun fit with the Dollhouse story. If Scott was really
there to rob, he would either be standing by Mulrenin at the sofa, or going through the cabinets and boxes. The
Dollhouse employees did not include Scott in their first theory. They wondered how "petite" Mandi (according to
Cintron) could win a "struggle" and throw Big Jim off the balcony? Scott standing by the door with a gun was
something made up after, to add Scott into their original theory of Mandi drugging Big Jim and throwing him off the
This story was never in the papers. It only even went around as gossip for a few days, and only in a small local area
of people who worked at Dollhouse. The news said it was a suicide the day it happened. Then the news said it was a
murder, and Mulrenin fell or was fleeing. The news available to the public went from suicide, to fell or fleeing, to
shot-while fleeing, which Sprague started telling people on December 20th, and first appeared in papers around the
30th. At no point did the news ever say Mulrenin went over the balcony in a struggle. Even when I was on facebook
on December 19th, the one or two Dollhouse girls who were still saying Mulrenin was thrown off the balcony, were
quickly corrected based on what was in the news that day.
I immediately thought Madara had to get this story from someone who was at Dollhouse, in the brief window from
December 14 to December 19th. I immediately predicted Madara must know or have contact with someone in
Conway. The story was so familiar to me as what Mini-Jim had said. Madara must have heard it from someone
local, and Madara probably thought she really had secret local information that the outside world was not privy to.
Do you think I was over-confident? Do you think anybody could have read the story about Mandi getting arrested
with GHB, and invented the same theory as they invented at Dollhouse, that Mulrenin was drugged and went over
the balcony in a struggle? Do you think I was paranoid, to assume Madara must have gotten this story from
someone in Conway?
It only took me about five minutes on Google, to prove I was right. Madara lived on the same street as Chris Dahl.
in the closest white neighborhood to Dollhouse. It was the same street as Dahl's ex-wife's family, Jessica Shearer.
Chris Dahl's ex wife hated the new stripper Mandi, whom Chris was living with, when Chris got custody of their kid
back. Jessica Shearer's family supposedly loaned Chris the $30,000 to bond out of jail, when Chris got arrested in
Georgia the same time as Mandi. Madara's family was friends with Jessica Shearer's family and knew all of the
details about Mandi. And they blamed evil strippers for Chris Dahl's troubles. They blamed Chris Dahl's coke slut
IV - 13
sex slave Mandi for Chris Dahl getting arrested in Georgia.
What was really twisted, was that Madara had the same attorney as the guy she accused of conspiring in a first-
degree murder. When Madara claimed Mandi confessed to her that Chris Dahl planned the robbery, Madara and
Chris Dahl both had the same lawyer, Adam Reiss. Is that an insignificant chance coincidence? Or too big to be a
Remember, Chris Dahl hired Adam Reiss the week before Mulrenin died, for his September 1 Orange County meth
arrest. Madara's attorney at that time Chris Smith, worked in the same office as Adam Reiss. So it may have even
been Madara's family that recommended Adam Reiss to Chris Dahl, through his ex-wife.
In February of 2017, Adam Reiss was about to sign a suspended sentence deal for Dahl's September 2016
trafficking arrest. If Dahl got arrested for anything, the suspended sentence would immediately become a real prison
sentence. At the same time in February 2017, Adam Reiss drove the whole way to Seminole County to meet with
Julie Madara, in place of her attorney at the time Chris Smith for her Seminole case 2014CF003700.
In all of Mandi and Scott Love's three years of court dates, which often have 200 different defendants in a single
court session, I have never seen Adam Reiss work any other case in Seminole County. Even worse, Madara is
indigent and has been using public defenders, whereas Chris Dahl is a cash client. So why is Reiss driving an hour
each way in rush-hour traffic to another county where he doesn't usually take cases, to have a broke person invent
stories about his cash client?
Adam Reiss was working for Chris Dahl, when he made the unusual trip to Seminole County to talk with Julie
Madara. Remember also, when Scott was arrested and interviewed he acted like he knew nothing about what
happened. But Scott said Mandi was a stripper would know James Mulrenin. He said it was Mandi and some other
guy on the video at Walmart. And remember also Mandi was probably delivering cocaine from Chris Dahl to
Mulrenin the night he died, and she was probably also giving all her hooker earnings to Chris Dahl while Scott went
hungry. So anyone can see, Scott was looking for an angle to blame Mandi and Chris Dahl for what happened.
All three times Mandi did cocaine while having sex with me, it came from Dahl's house. Cell tower records show
Mandi went to Dahl's house on the way to Mulrenin's apartment, and then ended up back at Dahl's house, the
morning after Mulrenin died. So Chris Dahl immediately knew he was in jeopardy as the person who sent Mandi to
Mulrenin's house in a cocaine deal, when Mulrenin got shot. And Chris Dahl knew there might not even be evidence
that weirdo Scott Love was there, and Chris might get blamed for it. So right from the day it happened, Chris Dahl
might have been telling his family and friends, who were also Madara's family and friends "I know what happened.
Scott Love went over there to rob him, I didn't go with them. I knew about it, but I was at home the whole time."
There is a good chance Madara did not know Adam Reiss was working for Chris Dahl when she started talking to
him. In her deposition, Madara said she told Reiss what she knew about Mandi's case, and asked Reiss to help her
figure out what happened. I believe Reiss heard through the grapevine or from Madara's attorney Chris Smith, that
Madara was talking about Jackson's case. Madara was reading crime stories about her home neighborhood in the
Orlando Sentinel in Seminole County jail, before Mandi transferred to Seminole from Orange County where Mandi
was arrested.
Remember, so far as Adam Reiss knows, Chris Dahl is himself the victim of lies. It started when Chris Dahl
supervised a hooker named Tiffany to make a false police report against a guy named Barton. Then James Arnold,
and Barton, and probably also Tiffany, told police all the meth in James' car belonged to Chris. Chris Dahl then told
the court the weed in his bedroom belonged to Tiffany.
So I believe Reiss drove up to Seminole County to find out what Madara knew about the night Mulrenin died, to see
if there was any chance of Chris Dahl getting arrested for drugs again. That would make the suspended sentence
Dahl was about to sign, a bad deal. I believe Reiss humored Madara, and said "Yeah, Chris Dahl told me what
happened. He talked to Mandi that night. Word is Mandi got a job that night with a plan to rob Mulrenin .So she
drugged him and somehow won a struggle and Mulrenin went over the balcony." There was nothing about Chris
Dahl drug dealing in the story Madara came up with after talking to Reiss.
IV - 14
Reiss then substituted himself for Chris Smith and became Madara's new lawyer in her Orange County case 2014-
CF-013059-A-O. This enabled Reiss to talk to Madara about the case, and protect whatever he said with attorney-
client privilege. He was still Chris Dahl's lawyer also. I doubt Madara paid him a dollar.
Reiss probably had no idea what Madara would do next. In March 0f 2017, even though she had an attorney,
Madara wrote two letters by herself. One was a request for a sentence reduction, which a Google search showed was
about 90% lies. The other was a letter to the Seminole County prosecutor, where Madara claimed she had secret
inside information about Mandi's case. Madara wrote in her letter that the prosecutor should contact her new
attorney Adam Reiss, to get the secret inside information. Reiss was the one who could best tell prosecutors the
secret inside information Madara had obtained. The prosecutors went to talk to Madara at Lowell prison, and
Madara said it was Adam Reiss' other client, Chris Dahl, who set up the robbery. Remember, Madara probably
didn't known Reiss was Dahl's attorney.
You may wonder where the final part of Madara's story came from, Chris Dahl planning the robbery. Chris Dahl
setting up the robbery was not in the police report, and it was not in the GHB story invented at Dollhouse. But there
was an identical story, at Julie Madara's sentence hearing, for her Orange County case 48-2013-CF-12278-A-O. At
Madara's Orange County sentencing for burglary, she whined how a drug dealer in her neighborhood - e.g. Chris
Dahl - was the one who forced her to rob people. So now she just replaced herself with Mandi, in her same story.
Madara wrote the letter to prosecutors in March 2017, where she claimed Chris Dahl's attorney Adam Reiss had
inside information that Mandi confessed to her. But Madara's claim was never revealed to Mandi's attorneys until it
showed up in the docket as a supplemental discovery in September 2017. Two things happened almost immediately.
First Adam Reiss put in a petition to seal Chris Dahl's Orange County case 48-CF-011304-O (see 2016-CF-011305-
A-O) so nobody would know he was Chris Dahl's attorney when his other client Madara came up with her secret
information about Chris Dahl. Second, Mandi's attorney Carrie Rentz stopped answering calls from me and Mandi's
family, and requested the Seminole court appoint a some random Seminole attorney Russell McLatchey to advise
Mandi on a conflict of interest. Because Carrie was also Julie Madara's attorney in three cases in Orange County in
2009 and 2013. McLatchey's office was like three miles up 434 from Carrie Rentz and co-counsel Bark.
Mandi's case was delayed month after month, while McLatchey was supposed to be advising Mandi whether to
dump Carrie for having an ethical obligation to her previous client Julie Madara. Finally in January 2018, Orange
County granted the petition to seal Dahl's case, and hide that Reiss was Dahl's attorney. Early in February the Dahl-
Reiss case disappeared from the public records, and Mandi's case suddenly resumed. Mandi's lawyers were back in
court literally within a few days of Dahl's case going off the record. Mandi's lawyers suddenly came to Judge
Nelson's next available hearing date to settle the Madara-Rentz conflict.
It was obvious to me they were waiting for Chris Dahl's case to seal. I assumed the purpose must be so that Chris
Dahl could safely testify how Madara's entire story was nonsense. I thought Chris Dahl was going to show up in
court with Adam Reiss and tell the real story, that Mandi had known Mulrenin for a year and had been dating him,
and was delivering a bag of weed or something the night he died. I thought Mandi's lawyers had been arranging all
this, for Dahl to save Mandi by explaining how Madara lied, and what really happened.
Imagine my shock, when Reiss showed up in court not as Dahl's lawyer telling the truth, but as Madara's lawyer
representing her story about Chris Dahl conspiring in a murder. Reiss had gotten Madara to sign a waiver of
confidentiality, which meant Carrie no longer had an ethical conflict under the rules of The Bar. Russell McLatchey
advised Mandi that Carrie no longer had a conflict, and Mandi kept Carrie Rentz as her attorney. Meanwhile Mandi
was in isolation this whole time and could hardly make a phone call, and had no idea what was going on.
Madara signed that she understood how it was in her best interest, to sign a waiver releasing her previous attorney
Carrie Rentz from any ethical or confidentiality obligations. It was never made clear how this could possibly be in
Madara's best interest. It delayed Mandi's trial, where Madara hoped to testify. It freed Carrie to use any confidential
information she might have, as an adversary at Madara's parole hearing or something. And because Carrie was
Mandi's attorney, it let Mandi's attorneys use Madara's recorded jail phone calls about Carrie, where she lied and
made up nasty stories about Carrie cheating on her husband and having sex, as evidence of Madara's bias, and
propensity for malicious gossip.
IV - 15
It was all a complete scam. First, Carrie does not even need a confidentiality waiver. She is immediately relieved of
any ethical obligation to Madara when Madara commits a crime, in this case perjury. Second, the rules of evidence
do not even permit Carrie to say any confidential information obtained from Madara, they are only allowed to
"impeach" Madara's credibility with specific types of public information.
I knew exactly what happened. I had already paid Carrie $80,000, and still owed her another $20,000 for $100,000
total. If her previous client being a witness disqualifies Carrie from the case, she immediately loses $100k.
Meanwhile, Adam Reiss wants to control Madara's testimony, on behalf of his actual paying client Chris Dahl. It
was a very shady setup Reiss was engaged in. In exchange for Rentz looking the other way, and never telling
anyone Reiss was also Dahl's attorney, Reiss got the waiver from Madara which enabled Carrie to keep her
$100,000. It was a quid pro quo at the expense of Rentz's client Mandi. Reiss and Madara basically paid Rentz
$100,000 to look the other way.
Carrie Rentz was diagnosed with a major medical problem at this time. She had to go through surgery, she couldn't
take on any new cases, she was strapped for cash. She probably had to do whatever Adam Reiss told her to do for
that $100,000, to keep from losing her house and her office. And Bark is very loyal to Carrie, he did what he had to
Carrie knew Adam Reiss was Chris Dahl's attorney when his other client Madara made up the story about Mandi
confessing. But Carrie never provided that information to McLatchey who was supposed to advise Mandi on the
conflict. Carrie never admitted to knowing it whatsoever. And Mandi never knew what was really going on. It also
came out that Madara blamed Carrie for bad legal advice, which Carrie provided in exchange for visits to a nail
salon owned by Madara's mother. Madara thought her previous conviction was Carrie's fault, and wanted to
sabotage Carrie as revenge. But McLatchey never got that information to advise Mandi, and Mandi never knew.
Mandi's lawyers never brought up Adam Reiss' name at trial. They said the jailhouse witnesses were lying about a
"Chris Dahl" being involved, he was some irrelevant person who had nothing to do with anything. They asked lead
Detective Sprague on the stand at Mandi's trial "Have you ever known of anyone named Chris Dahl to be in any
way involved in this case?" No.