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1. Zero Evidence - November 2019 - page 2
2. Arrest Affidavit - December 16, 2016 - page 4
3. Cell Tower Records - December 2016 - page 9
4. Police Report - January 2017 - page 16
5. Video General Appearance - December 2016 - page 23
6. Video and Discovery in Seminole - 2017, 2018, 2019 - page 28
7. Video Tampered - December, 2016 - page 31
8. Video Timestamps Deleted - page 32
9. Dog Walker Hidden - page 33
10. Video Not Disclosed - page 35
11. Video Timeline Impossible - page 39
12. Jacket Origin Uncertain - page 41
13. Timestamps Off 7 Minutes - page 42
14. Real Lofts Timeline - December 14, 2016 - page 45
15. Other Video - 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 - page 48
16. Shot While Fleeing - December, 2016 - page 50
17. Smolarek Bullet Hole - December 2016 - page 54
18. Vehicle Warrant- December 19, 2016 - page 58
19. Smolarek Gloves - December 2016 - page 60
20. Smolarek Gun - December 2016 - page 67
21. Sum of Smolarek - 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 - page 69
22. The Luring Narrative - 1980 to present - page 71
23. The Lying Sentinel - 2016 to present - page 72
III - 2
1. ZERO EVIDENCE - November 2019
I started this story when I walked out of a courtroom where a 24-year old girl received two life sentences, while she
made sounds like a dog stuck with an ice pick. In the end, the only evidence was:
1) Mandi Jackson had recently moved in with Scott Love after sleeping in her car, and there was a new facebook
page with a small following, seemed to be made for the purpose of saying they were in a relationship without her
friends seeing it.
2) Mandi Jackson went to work at The Dollhouse and went back to manager James Mulrenin's apartment for two
3) Scott Love was at Mulrenin's apartment at the same time Jackson was there, but phone and video records show
Jackson was never with Scott Love, or communicating with him at any point during the entire night.
4) James Mulrenin was out of his mind on drugs, was shot in the leg, and later went over the balcony.
5) Mandi Jackson and Scott Love used Mulrenin's credit cards together at Walmart a few hours later.
6) A gun which probably matched the bullet which shot James Mulrenin, was photographed in a drawer in Mandi's
house, next to a bra, but it is unsure who put it there.
Remember, the proof of the allegations is based entirely on knowing the contents of Mandi Jackson's mind. Nobody
made the claim in court that Mandi Jackson shot James Mulrenin in the leg. It is only alleged that she knew of a
plan to rob or injure James Mulrenin.
None of the evidence listed above proves the contents of her mind. There is no evidence Mandi Jackson ever
deviated from her long and compulsive pattern, of cheating on boyfriends with old guys for money, to relieve
anxiety over paying the rent. And you will see there are dozens of items of evidence, that suggest robbing James
Mulrenin could not have been in her mind.
There was also a long pattern of Mandi's boyfriends reacting in a variety of ways, from the spectrum of ways
cheated boyfriends react. And I saw Mulrenin slip or try to slip between many broke girls and their boyfriends. So
Mulrenin also had a long pattern of exploiting vulnerable young girls.
Events took an unexpected turn when Mulrenin went over the balcony. At that point, any plans Mandi Jackson had
would have been totally upset. So nothing that happened after Mulrenin went over the balcony, nothing Mandi
Jackson did, can reveal her original plan, or the original contents of Mandi's mind, before her mind was flash-
blasted by this shocking incident, which brought her to tears during a recorded jail phone call.
Whatever was in Mandi Jackson's mind before Mulrenin got shot and fell five stories, would have been discarded
and replaced. More likely is Jackson would have done the opposite of any original plans. If she originally planned to
rob Mulrenin, she would have never wanted to use his credit cards after he unexpectedly died right in front of her. If
her boyfriend unexpectedly caught her cheating and she lost her job and never got her dancer dollars, she might let
him use the credit cards to placate him, or used them herself for stress over money. But she never could have
predicted that situation she would find herself in.
You may wonder why a jury convicted Mandi Jackson based on zero evidence. People who were there wonder the
same thing. The jurors were not very excited about the rules they were supposed to follow, but they were very
amused with their own power. And they had a good chemistry where they liked to all come together and agree with
one another. It was all about the fun parts for them, and none of the boring instructions and rules they were
supposed to follow.
III - 3
You might say peers aren't perfect, they are still the best you can hope for, and you asked for them. But the
defendant was granted no similar license, and was hammered with rules at every turn. At the same time, the
witnesses made up stories and bent facts at every step, with no shame, punishment, or remorse.
The jurors' favorite group pastime during recess, was following me around the courthouse saying "Hey, mystery
guy!" and trying to get me to talk about the case with them. The jurors talked about me among themselves, saying I
was "creepy" for telling them "don't talk to me." They asked questions about me, and were asked questions about
I guarantee you the jurors spent hours online finding anything they could about the case and about me. That is one
of the ways they could have come to believe they knew better what happened, and made a decision not based on
anything in evidence or testimony in the courtroom.
The jurors' second-favorite pastime was deliberating among themselves during testimony. And that is just the two
inappropriate pastimes that were visible to me. One juror had a tablet in the jury box, which she insisted she was
only using during bench conferences. A friend of the victim was allowed to sit in the jury box, inform other jurors
that she had information from the day James Mulrenin died, and say how she was certain of Mandi's guilt.
A jury like that was susceptible to gossip. And they were likely distracted by three hours of the worst coerced smear
gossip, which a bizarre technicality of the rules of evidence allows to be presented under the label of "witnesses." I
know something about this case, I have studied it for years and I am familiar with the defendant and the victim. But
the defense cannot pay me to recite what I know, and call it evidence. Not even under the sixth amendment,
according to Judge Recksiedler.
The defendant's lawyers were distracted from the actual details which showed the contents of Mandi Jackson's
mind, by wading through three hours of malicious gossip. As I warned would happen before this trial, the jurors
were overwhelmed with gossip so complicated and insidious and dishonest, it would not be possible to wade
through it in any rational way. That made them vulnerable to going on the web, and becoming possessed with
visions that they had discovered some secret truth.
People in the courtroom, including adversaries of the defendant and/or neutral parties, were shocked with the
verdict. I won't bother naming names because they have no reason to tell you their real opinions or corroborate what
I say. It is not out of disrespect for the justice system that I write all this here. Rather, the justice system was
disrespected and corrupted to reach this verdict. And it needs to be corrected for the court, and the pursuit of justice,
to be respected.
It is not at all clear why Mandi Jackson would have needed to fill out an application to work at the Dollhouse to get
into James Mulrenin's apartment. The prosecution says Scott Love sneaked into the building, and then either went
through a door that Mulrenin frequently left unlocked, or Mandi let him in. I think he knocked. Mandi Jackson
could just as easily have sneaked into the building, and just knocked on Mulrenin's door and asked to borrow some
laundry detergent. It is possible to get into Mulrenin's apartment without ever going to his workplace.
You may have gotten the idea somewhere that we have a presumption of innocence. That the system is designed to
err on the side of freeing the guilty, rather than convicting the innocent. But that is not how this case worked at all.
Nobody ever had any interest in what really happened. Right from the beginning, they were on a mission to do
whatever they had to, to convict Mandi Jackson. They didn't care what the truth was, they weren't even curious. At
all levels of the system, it was a concerted mission to convict the innocent regardless of the truth.
Anyone who expects he will ever get a presumption of innocence, is at risk of a rude awakening. They can just grab
you and use 100 tricks to make you look guilty and lock you up, so you will still be there when the aliens land.
There is no institution to prevent what I just described. There is no institution to guarantee you that presumption of
innocence. You tell me what that institution is, it did nothing for Mandi Jackson.
III - 4
2. ARREST AFFIDAVIT - December 16, 2016
On December 14, 2016 the Altamonte Springs Police Department responded to The Lofts Uptown Altamonte, 285
Uptown Blvd Unit 515, in reference to a person who jumped or fell from the fifth floor balcony. The person was
later identified as James William Mulrenin. Mulrenin was initially transported to Florida Hospital Altamonte (FHA),
however due to the severity of his injuries he was later transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC).
Mulrenin suffered multiple injuries from the fall and a deep wound in the back of his left thigh which appears to be
a very deep stab wound or gunshot wound.
Officers located Mulrenin's apartment where the door as found ajar. Upon entering the apartment no one else was
found and the rear sliding door was open. On the balcony a round table was tilted towards the sliding glass door.
The Christmas net lights which previously hung on the left side of the railing were missing. There were lights on the
right side of the railing that were similar to lights that were located on the ground next to Mulrenin. A large rug in
the main room was bunched up towards the center. There was what appeared to be blood on the rug. A serrated knife
was found on the couch and suspected blood was located on the carpet, on the right portion of the couch recliner,
closest to the door and on the sliding glass door leading to the balcony. A roll of black duct tape was located
partially under the couch and a section of tape by the open glass slider balcony door and appeared to have been
wrapped around something and torn off. The tape had suspected blood on the sticky portion. Several plastic/nylon
zip ties were on the floor near the rug. There was a broken cell phone on the kitchen counter which also had
suspected blood on it. Crime Scene personnel later located a projectile on the floor under the couch.
Surveillance footage from the apartment complex was obtained. Mulrenin was seen accompanied by a white female,
later identified as Mandi Jackson, through the use of a phone number (407-879-4968) that was later provided to
investigators by personnel at the victim's place of employment. The phone number was said to be connected to a
female fitting the description of the female, "Mandi" observed accompanying Mulrenin the morning of the incident.
This phone number (407-879-4968) was later found connected to a male's Facebook Account, Scott Michael Love.
A search was conducted of the male's Facebook, finding the name, Mandi May Jackson as being in a relationship
with Scott Michael Love. At approximately 0459 hours on December 14, 2016. Jackson enters the apartment
complex parking garaga in what appears to be a late model black BMW. It was later learned that Jackson owns a
black 2009 BMW.
At approximately 0453 hours, surveillance footage shows a white male, later identified as Scott Love, through the
use of pictures located on Facebook, belonging to both Jackson and Love, along with the use of DAVID.
Surveillance video provided easily recognizable images, identifying both individuals as Mandi Jackson and Scott
Love could be seen on this video, being on the ground floor of the apartment complex parking garage, attempting to
open an elevator leading up to the apartments. Due to Love not having a key card to access the elevator he is not
able to get into the elevator, whereupon he locates a set of steel freight doors which were left open because of a non-
functioning latch. Love is then seen going up to level 5 where Mulrenin lives and walking toward unit 515 before
returning to the elevator. Love closes the elevator with the "close door" button on the elevator but does not push any
buttons for a different floor. Love remains in the elevator for a couple of minutes and can clearly be seen using a cell
phone and doing what appears to be sending text messages and generally acting in a suspicious manner. Love then
gets back off the elevator after carefully looking up and down the hall before exiting and walks back toward unit
515. At approximately 0503 hours Love is seen on the fifth floor parking garage smoking a cigarette and reenters
the building to the fifth floor hallway and remains out of camera view.
At 0524 hours Mulrenin and Jackson are seen exiting to the fifth floor parking garage. At approximately 0527 hours
Mulrenin and Jackson return and are seen reentering the fifth floor from the parking garage.
At approximately 0637 hours a 9-1-1 call was received stating a male had fallen from the balcony. At approximately
0642 hours Seminole County Fire Department arrived on scene. At approximately 0643 hours Jackson is seen
III - 5
running from the building from the fifth floor parking garage and her vehicle leave the complex a minute later.
Detectives made contact with ORMC personnel who advised Mulrenin was on life support and would not recover.
Contact was made with his mother Dolores Mulrenin, who agreed to removed him from life support based on his
deteriorating status.
Detectives made contact with a close friend and coworker of Mulrenin who said Mulrenin was the manager of the
Dollhouse Club in Orlando. She advised on December 13, 2016 the Dollhouse Club "had a good night." She further
advised there were at least two individuals that spent over $20,000.00 at the club along with significant business
from other patrons. According to witnesses Mulrenin left the club with a substantial amount of cash totaling
upwards of $2500. Witnesses said Mulrenin always carried a money clip. No money clip or wallet was located at his
After multiple interviews conducted by detectives at the Dollhouse Club, it was discovered that Mandi Jackson
provided phone number 407-879-4968 to her co-worker as a way to get in touch with her. Upon researching the
phone number, law enforcement learned of several reports located in FINDER to include pawn history from July
and October of 2016 for "Scott Michael Love" and an arrest report for Love from July 2016. The phone number was
also searched in Facebook which also came back to Scott Love. A check through Love's Facebook revealed he is in
a relationship with Mandi Jackson.
Based on the aforementioned there is a probable cause to believe Jackson and Love were in contact with each other
and Jackson was in contact with Mulrenin just prior to his falling from the balcony. The manner in which Jackson is
seen leaving Mulrenin's apartment after the death shows she is running away from the crime scene. The manner in
which Love acts during his time in the apartment building, suggests he is attempting to access the apartment
building without permission. At no time during the video surveillance are Jackson and Love seen together. Based on
the evidence collected from Mulrenin's apartment, there is probably cause to believe zip ties and duct tape was used
on Mulrenin, that a struggle occurred and at least one shot was fired from a gun before Mulrenin fell from the fifth
floor balcony of the apartment.
A subpoena was submitted for Mulrenin's credit cards which indicated two transactions taking place in the amount
of $286.49 and $64.13 at Walmart #5871 on December 14, 2016 at approximately 0848 hours and 0904 hours. Det.
Baker responded to Walmart #5871 and recovered video footage that showed Love and Jackson purchasing one
Sony Playstation for $286.49 and two phones for $64.13.
At this time, due to the fact that Love and Jackson were both seen at Mulrenin's apartment during the short time
frame leading up to his death, then using his credit card at Walmart roughly two hours after his murder, there is
probable cause for their arrest for Felnoy Murder, Burglary to an Occupied Dwelling and Fraud.
Due to the fact that I have been unable to locate Mandi May Jackson for a physical arrest, I am requesting that a
warrant be issued for her arrest.
Ben Sprague, ASPD
First, let's look at how Sprague imagines evidence of robbery where there is none:
SPRAGUE: Witnesses said Mulrenin left with more than $2500 cash.
I have seen a 21-year-old girl arrested and held without bond, I have seen every deposition and witness statement, I
have seen two trials, and I have never heard from anyone who witnessed Mulrenin leave with more than $2500
cash. Did Sprague throw away this person's witness statement?
SPRAGUE: Mulrenin was a good target for robbery because of his money.
According to Sprague there were two customers in the club who had much more money than Mulrenin, were
probably smaller and weaker (Mulrenin was 6' 1"), had less access to girls than a strip-club manager, did not know
III - 6
Mandi's real name, and probably had more reputation risk from reporting they brought home and were robbed by a
stripper. Every strip club, every night, has a customer who is richer and more desperate than a strip-club manager.
SPRAGUE: Mulrenin's money clip was not found in his home.
Yes, he went over the balcony with it. All that was left at his autopsy was his belt.
SPRAGUE: Jackson left when the sirens arrived and was fleeing the crime scene.
In fact the video timestamps were 7 minutes late. So Jackson actually ran out to the garage right before the 911 call
came in for Mulrenin going over the balcony. The error in the video timestamps was known by police at the time
Sprague wrote this affidavit, and hidden from jurors and the defense. The 7-minute error was so large that it was
probably contrived by police specifically to make it look like Jackson was fleeing sirens.
SPRAGUE: They used Mulrenin's cards at Walmart.
They did not use his cash at Walmart. When you have a 52-year-old man with viagra and a 21-year-old stripper, it
would be more surprising if there weren't some credit card use at the end of it. According to Mulrenin's co-workers,
Mulrenin blasted $20k on two customers' credit cards that night who didn't even get sex.
They found Jackson and Mulrenin's DNA on the same straw. I don't think it was a straw that put Mulrenin's DNA in
Jackson's mouth. So to Mandi, she is within the ethics of her and Mulrenin's profession to go shopping. And more
urgently, given she just lost her job. Even so, it was Love who started the credit-card use by buying something
which on the previous day he did not predict he would need, a phone.
SPRAGUE: Zip ties and duct tape were used on Mulrenin and there was a struggle.
Sprague is projecting. Sprague is the one who tackles people and binds them by the wrists. That is what he does for
a living. The number of people other than cops who bind people by the wrists is all of zero. Obviously there are
many other uses for duct tape, or it wouldn't be sold at every store. Sprague seems to at least admit this vague
possibility. I am confident the carpet was bundled up by Love in an effort to find the bullet or get rid of the blood.
Sprague should be totally familiar with people trying to get rid of evidence. I challenge anyone to cause an area rug
to be pulled from under a sofa and become folded up like the one photographed, through any type of wrestling.
Now let's look at how Sprague imagines evidence of collusion when there is none:
SPRAGUE: Love was clearly seen using a cellphone and texting, implying Jackson and Love were in contact.
Love was never seen using a cellphone, never seen texting. Evidence is Jackson and Love used the same phone
number and only had one phone, which Jackson had that night. The first thing Love did was buy a phone at
Walmart. Phone records show they were never in contact the entire night. Jackson was not in contact with anyone
while at Mulrenin's apartment. You can read a little deeper, and speculate that Love did not want Jackson having her
own phone. But after what happened, Love went to Walmart and bought a phone first thing, so that he could make
contact with Jackson on nights like this, and prevent this type of event.
SPRAGUE: Jackson and Love were "in a relationship" on facebook, meaning they would be likely to collude.
Jackson was a stripper. So being "in a relationship" means nothing. Their being "in a relationship" indicates how
Love might react to Mandi stripping and cheating on him, more than it indicates they would collude or Mandi would
choose Love over Mulrenin.
Now let's look at evidence this wasn't a planned robbery:
SPRAGUE: Mandi Jackson provided her real non-stripper name and phone number so co-worker Neisha Cintron
could get in touch.
III - 7
If police talked to this co-worker Neisha Cintron, they should also know the last thing Mandi did before leaving,
was buy a stripper dress to wear to work the next day. And Cintron observed Jackson and Mulrenin to have an
unusually close working relationship early in the night, and even kissing, which there is some video of.
SPRAGUE: All this was seen on video.
Both Love and Jackson must be walking and driving in front of cameras without hesitation, for Sprague to see all
that on video. Would someone about to do armed robbery wander aimless circles in front of a video camera?
SPRAGUE: When Jackson leaves, Love is not with her. Jackson and Love are never seen together.
Again, this is stronger evidence of a jealous boyfriend than of a planned robbery agreement.
SPRAGUE: The first thing Love bought was a phone.
This does not seem like a premeditated or planned purchase, but a purchase in response to the problem of not being
able to call or text his cheating girlfriend all night. It seems to indicate Love was not coordinating or colluding with
Mandi, but just the opposite. He had a problem communicating with Mandi, an inability to do so, while she was in
Mulrenin's apartment.
In his affidavit, Sprague wants you to make a tenuous "felony murder" connection between the accidental death of
James Mulrenin, and Mandi Jackson being guilty of first degree murder. But they have never provided the audio of
the 911 call, or described what that audio says. They are not interested in the most immediate and best description of
the event for which Mandi Jackson is serving two life sentences!
All they are left with after you strip away the hallucinated parts of this affidavit, is Love sneaking into the building
without any evidence Jackson knows he is there. She leaves without Love. And they later use credit cards together.
And they are in a relationship which means nothing for a stripper.
The original evidence used to charge Mandi with murder, fits much better with a stripper with a sugar daddy, and a
jealous boyfriend. She is forced by the accidental death of her sugar daddy to return to her jealous boyfriend, and
placate him by allowing him to make purchases with the credit cards of the sugar daddy she just fucked.
So is Sprague crooked, or is he just stupid? I think he started out stupid, and became crooked.
There was another piece of evidence, a hand-drawn floor plan of an apartment, which was found in Mandi's car.
During a video interview of a witness from Dollhouse, Sprague characterized this hand-drawn floor plan as
evidence that Mandi and Scott "had it all planned out." He said they were very smart - the floor plan - but they were
also very stupid - doing it all on camera - which really just means his narrative makes no sense.
The floor plan does not remotely resemble Mulrenin's apartment! It has two bedrooms, it is different in every way.
According to my investigation, the apartment described was within walking distance of two of her boyfriends' jobs
(Love and Tywaun), and one of her boyfriend's houses that he had to move out of (Tywaun). It was by where her
friends used to hang out. Mandi looked together with both of these boyfriends for a roommate situation where she
could keep her dog. And the labels on the apartment floor plan were "master" and "spare" not "cash" and "hide."
Another thing which Sprague hallucinated, is that nobody at Dollhouse knew Mandi Jackson, she came in from the
night as a complete stranger. In reality, the strip club community in Orlando is small. There were people in
Dollhouse who had known Mandi for a long time. But I will get to that more later.
Detective Sprague had just set the world spinning with news that a stripper had murdered her boss. He had very
much put himself on the spot by doing so. During Love's police interview, Sprague characterized himself as not very
bright, but very determined.
I think the faking started very quickly, when Sprague got the first phone records and saw that Mandi and Scott were
III - 8
not actually texting. When Sprague began to realize he didn't actually have solid evidence for the alleged crime, he
worked to manufacture evidence to pressure Mandi to say Scott did it. All the search warrants in this case were
rubber-stamp fishing expeditions, and none of them were a search for the truth.
Sprague was apparently raised by wolves, or at least in another country, or maybe just in Seminole County. He
thinks where Mandi's right to keep private what she does with a guy begins, is where his mandate to invent
unfounded criminal allegations about her begins.
People who shoot black kids in the back when they are running away, have an emotional problem, dealing with
failure or rejection. They can't just say okay, he won, I lost. In poker, people like this give all their money away.
Because they get a pair of jacks, and they just keep calling, they can't let it go.
When Mandi said nothing in her police interview, Detective Sprague looked at Lieutenant Murphy like "Oh no,
what do we do?" The older, more honest Lieutenant Murphy just shrugged, and said oh well, that's what I expected.
But Sprague got emotional, and went into a panic he would be exposed as ineffective. He started faking evidence.
Because he would rather break the law than let someone else win.
For catching the world's slowest bunny, and making up some nonsense about her, Sprague was given LEO of the
year. In some ways Sprague is like Mulrenin. They are both mediocre men, whose self esteem was propped up at the
expense of a young girl. Mandi Jackson is like a dog who jumps into the truck of a dog catcher who can't catch
anything, to make him feel good about himself.
In Steinbeck's Tortilla Flat, they gave hapless dog catcher Tall Bob Smoke some dogs to put in his truck to look
successful. In Seminole County they gave dipshit Detective Sprague someone's daughter to put in his truck. Never
have such fools been allowed to use not dogs, but other people's daughters, as tiny mountains to stand on. That
would be a horror novel, which Steinbeck did not write.
In a way Mandi is a divining stick for failures and scumbags, and the stupid. Her father once told me they follow her
like flies, because they can't catch anything else. The taxpayers have no idea how their money is wasted on little
I was always ashamed of what people might say if they found out I was taking advantage of a young girl. They
made this guy Sprague LEO Of The Year for it.
III - 9
3. CELL TOWER RECORDS - December 2016
Home - 116 pings (29 hours)
Stars/Dollhouse - 104 pings (26 hours)
Rachel's - 23 pings
Rachel's North - 11+4+1 = 16 pings
Mulrenin towers - Wymore, Pineview
Thursday - 2 pings
Saturday - 7 pings (1 Pineview)
Monday - 2 pings
Tuesday - 5 pings (Mulrenin dies)
Sprague's entire narrative of what happened, was founded on the hallucination that Mandi was some mystery girl
nobody knew. She came in from the night, robbed the manager, and vanished. If Mandi was in the same social circle
as Mulrenin, it would lead to an entirely different take on what happened. What is incredible, is how Sprague
defended his hallucination against all evidence to the contrary, to the point of even correcting witnesses who said
The records from the phone company included a week of tower pings from Mandi's phone. The T-Mobile witness at
trial was very emphatic that they only had locations from when a call or text happened, and only for a few days. But
T-Mobile provided another record, which showed Mandi's location every 15 minutes for the entire previous week.
There were no times or dates on each tower ping, so I had to do some estimation. There were 742 records total. That
is about one every 15 minutes for 7 days. 24 x 4 x 7 = 672. Except there were some 15-minute periods when her
battery was dead, or her phone was out of coverage in the bathroom or something. And there were some extra pings
maybe when she switched towers. Four pings on one tower is possibly more than an hour. One ping each, on four
towers driving up I-4, is probably less than an hour.
It was easy to tell when each day started and ended, because Mandi would spend a few hours at the tower by her
house. Then she would run a morning errand or something and hit a few nearby towers one time each. Then she
would return home for a few pings. And this is where it got interesting. Every day she would then head over to Chris
Dahl's house in the afternoon or evening, before spending all night at the strip clubs, and returning home. Chris
Dahl's house is across a pond from the Stars and Dollhouse, so the towers are adjacent.
I used Google maps to make an animated map that really brought the cell tower pings to life, and made clear sense
of them. Like I said, I was able to tell the approximate time of the pings, and when each day started and ended. Her
roommate Jessica said Mandi "got dolled up every night" that week like she was going to the strip clubs, and came
home in the early morning. Strip club pings are going to be between 8 PM and 2AM. Home pings are going to be
before and after 7AM. Given 100 tower pings each day and a map to put them in order, you can pretty well figure
out where Mandi was and when.
Remember, Mandi was supposed to be a stranger whom no one at the strip clubs knew. But her Dollhouse
application said she worked at Rachel's for an extended period. Rachel's had the same owner and managers as
Dollhouse. Mulrenin originally worked at Rachel's and still sometimes went there. Some people still knew Mulrenin
as the manager from Rachel's, Rachel's North, or Stars. His building manager Michelle Ervin said he worked at
Stars. Dollhouse and Stars are run as a single business, paying the door fee at one gets you into the other. Employees
work at both on different days. People who go to strip clubs are like me, we go to all the strip clubs.
In fact, Mandi spent more time at strip clubs owned by the Veigles that week, than at her own home. She spent 35
hours at Veigle strip clubs that week, or 139 cell tower pings. Most of those were at Stars/Dollhouse, 26 hours or
104 pings, both places where Mulrenin worked. And she spent only 29 hours or 116 pings at home on Arbor Ridge
III - 10
This fits with what I knew about Mandi. Her favorite friend Chris Dahl lived at those strip clubs, particularly Stars
where his girlfriend Dalindy worked. Mandi met the Stars manager, I believe Mulrenin, when she applied at Stars
around Halloween 2015. And Mandi's childhood neighbor was a bartender at Dollhouse. Plus another half dozen
girls who Mandi danced with at other clubs were at Dollhouse on various nights. There is no way that nobody at the
Veigle strip clubs heard of Mandi before.
I already knew all that. It got more interesting when I found one day there were 184 pings before Mandi returned
home to Arbor Ridge Trail. At 15 minutes, these pings had to run into the next day. More than 96 pings or 24 hours
passed, and she never went home. She stayed at Chris Dahl's house on Thursday night instead of Arbor Ridge Trail.
Mandi stayed out all night at Chris Dahl's house on Thursday night.
Chris Dahl was her old flame whom she still crushes on today, more than any other guy on Earth. Was Scott with
her the night she stayed all night at Chris Dahl's? Now I was getting into the real dirt.
It got even dirtier. Totally contrary to everything that has ever been said about this case, this was also not Mandi's
first night at Mulrenin's house. It was her fourth night at Mulrenin's house just that week! She had more tower pings
at Mulrenin's house on Saturday night than on Tuesday, the night he died. It was 7 pings on Saturday, 5 on Tuesday.
On Saturday she hit a tower to the north which she would be likely to hit from Mulrenin's balcony. It may be that
her phone battery went dead at Murenin's house on Tuesday, after sitting with him all night at Dollhouse.
Where was Scott when Mandi was hanging out, certainly doing cocaine, with these other guys? To me, the cell
towers told a clear story of a jealous boyfriend.
Somebody might say the tower pings don't prove Mandi was inside Mulrenin's house, she could have been staking it
out. If that was the case she didn't even need to apply at the strip clubs, she could just knock and ask for some
laundry detergent. If we had call and text records from earlier in the week, it might show if she was calling and
texting with Mulrenin on Saturday night when she was at Mulrenin's house for an extended period. But they might
not show that, if she was hiding her affair from Scott.
And there is another reason the call records might not show her talking to Mulrenin on Saturday. Chris Dahl might
have called Mulrenin on the burner phone that was charging in Mulrenin's kitchen, and then sent Mandi to his
My best guess is Mandi was delivering bags of weed to the strippers, and possibly cocaine to the customers, at the
Veigle strip clubs. There is a lot of background to this, such as Mandi delivering bags for Chris Dahl in exchange for
getting to ride his motorcycle. I also remember soon after the Veigles bought Stars, when Mulrenin became the new
manager, the new bathroom attendant who looked and dressed similarly to Mulrenin, tried to sell me cocaine in the
Stars bathroom.
Mini-Jim said Mulrenin made money off cocaine being sold in the club, and that is how Mulrenin was able to pay
for Mini-Jim to detail his car every week. Money was no object. And I had long seen Chris Dahl lurking around
Rachel's without getting any dances, meeting strippers to sell them meth.
Keep in mind, Mandi met Chris right when I got rid of her pimp. She met him because I got rid of her pimp, and she
had to go apply at Stars, and Dahl was sitting there. She was scared to death her new "normal" friends like Dahl
might find out she was a hooker. Or they might find out a nerdy old guy like me was giving her money, which
would be very uncool. So she would say she was bringing a bag of cocaine to a customer, and use it as an excuse to
get out of the house so she could go meet up with old guys. And of course Chris was happy to let her take the risk
alone, and never wondered what she was up to.
Then she would meet up with me in the parking lot of Walmart or Staples, or at her mom's house, and we would
have sex. She would do the cocaine herself, then go back and give Chris the money I gave her like she had just done
a drug deal. So of course she would volunteer to deliver drugs non-profit, she was sneaking out for paid sex.
The night Mulrenin died, I always assumed Mandi stopped by Chris Dahl's house after work, to pick up cocaine on
III - 11
her way to visit Mulrenin. And I suspected Mulrenin ordered the cocaine, as a pretext to set up the liason. I didn't
find out until later, Mulrenin also owed Mandi for some dancer dollars, and probably promised to cash them to lure
her over against Scott's wishes. Chris Dahl had a girlfriend, and probably did not think or care if Mandi was having
an affair with Mulrenin.
But Mandi probably used the same story on Scott, that she was just going to deliver drugs to some guy she knew
from the strip club because she needed to get her dancer dollars cashed out. Scott may have been legitimately
worried about her when she didn't come out for a while. And Scott and Mulrenin were not like the guys Mandi had
experience with in the past. They were both big and thought they were important and had no restraint.
Mandi was being a chameleon, fitting in with her surroundings to survive, as she learned to do when she was an
underage hooker. Jeffrey Epstein supposedly had girls put on college sweatshirts, and pretend they were his
daughters. Mandi was what everyone wanted her to be.
To Mandi's high-school and drug dealer friends, she was a drug dealer, delivering drugs for free to her own
customers. To date-rapist, convicted pimp, and strip-club manager Mulrenin, she was a helpless little girl and a drug
addict. To Mulrenin's other employees, Mandi was his new favorite employee and arm candy.
To Scott, she was still his girlfriend. I think she told Scott she was doing a drug deal at Mulrenin's apartment. And
she told Scott to stay invisible, to make sure she stayed Mulrenin's favorite and got her dancer dollars, and got
referred to the big customers the next time they came in. But she could have told Scott who knows what. There is a
sugar baby in Miami who tells her boyfriend she is engaging in credit card fraud when she goes to meet a sugar
daddy. Whatever Mandi told Scott, it didn't work. Not after two hours, anyway. Scott and Mulrenin were the wrong
two guys.
And to police, Mandi was an armed robber. She fit the pattern perfectly, by using a dead guy's credit cards.
Years later, I showed Mandi's cell-tower map to my friend Joanie from Miami, who dated cops down there. She
knew Mandi was accused of murder. I said look at these loops, these are drug-dealing routes. She looked at the
labels on the map, the strip clubs and the old guy's apartment, and said "Don't lie to me, she is a prostitute. This is
all prostitution, and that's all this is. Are you dumb?"
To a girl from Miami who dates cops, a skinny 21-year-old blonde girl who drives between strip clubs and an old
guy's apartment is obviously a prostitute. And only an idiot could ever fall for thinking it was anything else. Never
in her life has she seen a little white girl with a thousand-dollar pussy commit armed robbery, between a strip club
and an old guy's apartment doing cocaine. At the same time, credit card fraud is as common as rain, especially from
old guys to young strippers.
The week of pings starts Wednesday December 7, 2016, with Mandi at her father's job on Landstreet. That would be
business hours, after lunch since Mandi takes time to get across town, and her father takes a long lunch. Next she
spends a few pings at Rachel's. That is around when I always saw Chris Dahl sitting there, after eating the lunch
buffet. Plus, Chris would probably go to Stars at night because his girlfriend Dalindy was working there.
On Tuesday December 6, 2016, Chris Dahl had a sudden windfall which he used to pay a long-overdue overdue
Orange County traffic ticket. Then on Wednesday, the first day tower pings are available, Mandi met with Chris in
the afternoon at Rachel's. She stayed at Chris house all night on Thursday night. It was around this time when Chris
Dahl hired Adam Reiss for his September 1st drug arrest. I don't remember the exact day, and Orange County 48-
2016-CF-011304-O is sealed. I think it was Wednesday. That must have cost him over $10k.
For the rest of the week, Mandi goes to Chris Dahl house every day, then spends the entire night driving to Veigle
strip clubs, and looping back to Chris Dahl's house. Interestingly, she does not make similar loops to any of the
other white strip clubs not associated with the Veigles, such as Dancers, Diamond, or Flashdancer. Even though she
lives closer to all three of those, than to Dollhouse and Stars. So Mandi is clearly going from Chris Dahl's house to
Veigle strip clubs, specifically Stars/Dollhouse, and Rachel's North by Mulrenin's apartment.
This makes sense because Chris Dahl is the resident dealer at Veigle strip clubs. When I go into Rachel's, they make
III - 12
me leave my motorcycle helmet at the door, so I don't use it was a weapon. I have seen Chris Dahl sitting right next
to a motorcycle helmet in Rachel's. He is a preferred customer. Even though he is unemployed and eats the buffet
like a starving student. But he got arrested on September 1, 2016 for meth and his case was still active in December.
So he needed to lay low and let someone else do his dirty work for him.
Mandi's cell tower map even had regular routes, where she would take the same route on different days. On
Thursday and Monday, she drove South down I-4, then went to Mulrenin's house briefly, before going to Rachel's
North, and back to Chris Dahl's house. On Saturday and Tuesday, when she spent a long time at Mulrenin's
apartment, she went straight from there to the warehouse district around Forsyth in East Orlando. These two longer
stays at Mulrenin's house seemed to be later at the end of the night, meaning after the clubs closed.
When you go on a stakeout, you don't continue on a planned route afterwards. You stake out for an extended period,
with nothing else planned afterward. It is a little odd that on Tuesday when Mulrenin died, Mandi continued on the
same route as on Saturday, when he didn't die. On both nights, she continued on from Mulrenin's apartment to the
Forsyth warehouse area. Chris Dahl rented a room to someone who owned a business in the warehouse district. But
for all I know, Mandi was visiting her little brother. If Mandi had died, I have no doubt Mulrenin would also have
continued on his same route as previous nights.
And if Mandi really spent three previous days staking out or even learning about Mulrenin's apartment, certainly
Scott would have figured out the freight elevator doesn't open from the outside. And he would have figured out the
freight entrance door stays unlocked for a minute, as explained by Michelle Ervin at Scott's trial. Scott had no idea
or plan when he walked up to that freight entrance. Based on the video provided by police, Scott first tried the
freight elevator which would never have worked, and then tried the freight door which he should have already
known would open. So whatever Mandi did the three previous days at Mulrenin's house, it did not result in Scott
showing up with any plan for how to get in.
When police spoke to Dollhouse employees on video, it should have been obvious Mulrenin already knew Mandi
before that night. Neisha Cintron described how Mandi and Mulrenin had a comfortable relationship right from the
beginning of the night. Mandi was changing dresses to please Mulrenin. Mulrenin gave Mandi a kiss. Gary Carico
mentioned it was strange to let a new girl show up at 11:00 and start work. No strip club lets any girl show up after
9:00, apart from the most senior girls, or else the club would be empty before 11:00 when the money normally gets
good. Dollhouse and Stars have day shifts. They always made new girls start on the day shift.
They should have seen she was the boss's Mandi May December romance. But police already told the other
Dollhouse employees nobody knew Mandi, and she tricked Mulrenin to commit an armed robbery. The things the
other employees saw made no sense if this were true. Rather than realize the obvious - that Mulrenin already knew
her - it just made Mandi seem more sinister. The first girl in 20 years whom Mulrenin meets, hires, and starts at
11:00 PM? It doesn't add up, she needs to be in prison.
So I believe Mandi was "delivering cocaine" to Mulrenin at his house the previous three days. And by the fourth
night when Mulrenin died, Scott was onto what Mandi was doing. But Scott gave in to the need to cash out her
dancer dollars. And on the previous days she might not have called Mulrenin directly, maybe Chris Dahl set it up
calling Mulrenin's burner phone that was charging in his kitchen, and gave Mandi the address. On Saturday, Mandi
delivered Mulrenin his cocaine, and she went upstairs and they both got lucky. Then by Tuesday, Scott Love tracked
down what was going on, and they both went upstairs and got unlucky.
If Mandi were delivering cocaine to typical hooker customers purely for money, like old guys with lake houses or
something, she would have been at some customer's house, not Mulrenin's. Instead she went to the tiny apartment of
an angry strip-club manager because she liked him. She liked him because he was associated with Chris Dahl and
was part of a social scene at the strip clubs, and he was more into cocaine and whatever else than her typical
customer with a Mercedes would be.
The best evidence Mandi actually liked Mulrenin came in her December 30, 2016 phone call with her mother. When
Mandi mentioned Mulrenin jumping off the balcony, she broke into uncontrollable crying, she could not speak.
When Mulrenin went over the balcony, all the hopes and happiness and optimism Mandi built up that week went
with him. Mandi crushed on Dollhouse dancer Neisha Cintron. Her next female crush would be in the Seminole
III - 13
County jail. Her next line of cocaine is yet to come.
I believe Mulrenin died without giving Mandi money for her dancer dollars, or the money he owed Chris Dahl for
the cocaine. Scott Love came in before Mulrenin had a chance to pay her. That is probably how Mulrenin asked
Mandi to come upstairs at the curb. Mulrenin is an expert at withholding money until he gets what he wants. And
that is why Mandi then asked her dad to borrow $200, to pay off Mulrenin's coke debt.
Of course Mandi's lawyers are not going to tell you this. They are former Seminole County prosecutors. They know
a Seminole County jury might give a 21-year-old girl with the mind of a child, first degree murder for non-profit
weed delivery and sex with her boss. Her lawyers didn't need to tell anyone about the drug delivery pretext that
night, or about the ongoing fling with Mulrenin, to raise reasonable doubt about the outlandish robbery story.
Keep in mind Mandi was happy to drive around with bags of weed for free, so Chris Dahl would let her in his
supposed mechanic business. Or marry her, or buy her a house in Conway, or who knows what an idiot thinks. Or so
Mulrenin would give her free drugs, and a job. And so she could have a social life and meet people and be someone
and have something to do and be important and respected. And so she could go meet strange guys alone late at
night, without Scott getting suspicious, and then give the money to Chris Dahl to buy his love.
So after a week of delivering drugs, and with three previous visits to Mulrenin's house, Neisha Cintron said Mandi
had $0 in her pocket. It is hard for normal people understand the psychology of girls like this, so just believe me
when I tell you: Mandi would have been more likely to put all her money into that box at Mulrenin's house than to
steal it. You can go on adultsearch,com this very second, and find a dozen girls who will do the same thing, give
away all their money to please a guy. You might even find a girl at Dollhouse like that today.
Mandi had been that girl at Dancers, giving all the money she made to her pimp. The Dancers manager made her
stay after work and get drunk even though she wasn't 21, and tried to make inroads with her. But her pimp always
came and got her. Mulrenin was Mandi's chance to do it right, and be friends with the club manager.
A submissive underage trafficking victim does not suddenly become a dominant armed robber. She becomes a
freelance 21-year-old hooker, still operating in the shadows, and turning over everything she has to the nearest guy.
If Mandi said she was opening a lemonade stand, it would be the safest day in a lemon's life. All she does in the end,
is sex.
I told Mandi's lawyers the cell tower map showed her taking cocaine to Mulrenin's house four nights that week.
Sometime after that, Mandi told me on the phone there was no point trying to avoid me when she got out of jail. She
said "No matter what I do you are going to stalk me, and you are going to know exactly where I am every single day
for the rest of my life." When I told her what happened was her fault for hanging out with scumbags, she knew who
I was talking about. She said "It's my right to choose who I hang out with."
So Mandi fucked James Mulrenin for cocaine that week. Cocaine on three previous nights, and going upstairs with
him one of those nights, should have been $600 in revenue. But Mandi got $0. Because Mulrenin is a sex addict,
who needs to win some kind of game to feel special. And Mandi fucked old guys who look like Santa Claus, and
gave all the money to Chris Dahl, who then paid off his traffic ticket and and his mortgage, and hired popular local
lawyer Adam Reiss for his September 1st drug case. And meanwhile Scott does not even have rent money. I can
only speculate all that might have made Scott angry.
So Scott finally agreed to let Mandi accept Mulrenin's job offer, and do some stripping for money. But Mulrenin
mostly used her as arm candy, and never cashed out the few dancer dollars she made, and she left broke. She told
Scott she just needed to make one quick run, and she would have a little money.
When police went to the strip clubs to find Mandi, nobody is going to say "I know her, she brought me a bag of
weed two days ago and gave me a blowjob. She was a little go-girl for Mulrenin and biker Chris. That's who I get
my drugs through. She is Mulrenin's slut this week." The people at the strip clubs who knew her were drug people,
like Mulrenin. And they ran the other way, when police showed up.
But even the people who talked to police, had seen Mandi and Scott. And Sprague didn't let that interrupt his
III - 14
There is one part of the Gorewitz video interview, where Gorewitz says lots of people saw Scott around the clubs.
The Stars manager saw Scott. And Sprague says no no no, nobody saw Scott. Three hours after Gorewitz said that,
Sprague is interviewing Gary Carico, and he tells Carico that all the witnesses have to agree, nobody saw Scott.
Despite Gorewitz just saying the opposite earlier that day! Even Barbie Mellinger said she saw Scott.
And this was after Sprague and Lieutenant Murphy heard from Big Mike himself, Michael Garcia on December
14th at Thee Dollhouse, that the Stars manager had seen Scott at Stars. People saw Scott across the street at Stars
the previous day. But Sprague still told Carico after 4:00 PM on December 28th, 2016, that "all the witnesses have
to agree" that nobody saw Scott.
And how could Big Mike, or any manager at Stars or Dollhouse, not have seen Scott and known Mandi? Mandi's
phone spent at least 35 hours at Veigle strip clubs that week, the vast majority of it at Stars/Dollhouse, at least 26
hours. Mandi's roommate Jessica said Mandi got dressed up and Scott went with her every night that week. Doesn't
mean it's true, but they did see Scott there.
And then Gorewitz says another manager had Mandi's facebook page. And Sprague says no no no, it was the wrong
facebook page. Mind you, this is the same night Big Mike mentioned Mandi's false arrest for GHB. He didn't pull
up her arrest on Google as Jane Doe. You can only know about the arrest as Mandi Jackson. Big Mike probably had
Mandi's real facebook page, not the "Jackon" one that had her "in a relationship" with Scott Love. Sprague said he
found a "Mandi Jackson" facebook page, when in fact he found Love's "Mandi Jackon" page.
Sprague was happy to promote the GHB theory in his video interviews with witnesses. The GHB theory originated
from Big Mike knowing Mandi's name. Sprague recited the GHB theory during video interviews. But didn't Big
Mike have to know who Mandi was, to come up with the GHB theory Sprague was reciting? No, nobody knew who
Mandi was.
I can only hypothesize, Sprague took a statement from Big Mike around 2:00 on December 28th, 2016. The
statement did not fit with Sprague's narrative that nobody knew who Mandi was, so he deleted it. Sprague then told
Cintron and Carico two hours later "If not for you, we never would have found Mandi."
Sprague said to Carico "all the witnesses have to agree." But Sprague chose to promote a narrative which NOT
EVEN ONE witness said. And which the cell tower records alone seem to make impossible. Is Mandi really going
to do an armed robbery on someone in her social circle, someone she spent four nights with just that week?
Every senior strip club manager in Orlando knew who Mandi was.
Finally two years later in February of 2019, Mulrenin bff Barbara Mellinger admitted in a deposition that she knew
Mandi was at Dollhouse the previous night, but she kept that fact hidden. When Mellinger was on the stand at
Love's trial and they asked her if Mandi came in and applied. The court was trying to understand why there were
two job applications. Mellinger knew why there were two job applications and hid it from the court. During her
deposition Mellinger knew where she got the information that Mandi was at Dollhouse the previous night. And she
knew who the witness was who saw or knew Mandi the previous night, and Mellinger hid that also.
According to my cell-tower map, Mandi stayed at Mulrenin's apartment Saturday until around dawn. She then went
to Chris Dahl's house, went shopping or did some things I cannot guess, and went home. Then on Sunday she did
almost nothing compared to the rest of the week. She went out shopping or did something I can't guess, and spent
some time at Rachel's. Chris Dahl usually eats the lunch buffet on weekdays, but Rachel's doesn't open until 5:00 on
Sunday. It would cost at least $10 for a guy to get in, was Scott with her? Then on Monday Mandi went to back to
her usual pattern. Except she spent a long time at Rachel's North before she went to Dollhouse on Monday, longer
than any other day except the previous Thursday.
It took more than two years for Barbara Mellinger to reveal what she said she knew all along, that Mandi was at
Dollhouse on Monday. I knew this from my cell tower map two years earlier. Mandi was also at Rachel's North
Monday for probably at least 90 minutes, before she was at Dollhouse. Barbara Mellinger intentionally hid that
III - 15
Mandi was at Dollhouse on Monday, Mellinger basically admitted she kept it a secret at Love's trial. So it is fair to
speculate that whoever saw Mandi at Rachel's North, or knew she was there immediately prior to coming to
Dollhouse, also intentionally kept it a secret.
Why on Earth would Barbara Mellinger or anyone else hide from police what the girl who murdered her bff was
doing on Monday? Why didn't she run around telling everyone "The little murdering bitch was here Monday also!
She was stalking Jim! Here is the witness who saw her, he wants to make a statement!" Did she not want justice,
was it not important to her?
Mellinger knew what Mandi was doing there Monday, and she knew that Mandi wasn't stalking Mulrenin to rob
him. They knew what Mulrenin was doing, and they hid what Mulrenin was doing, and what Mandi was really
doing, from police. And rather than investigate, Sprague himself hid or ignored any witnesses who mentioned the
truth, because it did not fit his narrative. He is an eager accomplice, a stooge for the murder of a young girl by some
strip-club dirtbags. Him and Phil Archer also, who will take an innocent person's life to appear tough on crime.
And of course mysterious blonde girl, whom nobody ever saw before, put her real name and her father's name on
her Dollhouse application. Twice. And then she gave Neisha Cintron her real name and phone number, on the way
out the door to rob her manager. All this, in the bizarre lying world of State Attorney Phil Archer's LEO Of The Year
Benjamin Sprague.
Somebody, probably Big Mike, deleted the video of the main room of the Dollhouse the night Mulrenin died, and
from the previous nights, before Mandi's lawyers got it. That video would have showed Mandi with Mulrenin all
night Tuesday according to everyone. That video would have showed Mandi there the previous night, which
Barbara Mellinger, the cell tower records, and the Stars manager all say she was there. Why on Earth would people
who care about James Mulrenin delete video evidence of the person he was murdered by?
While Mandi Jackson whimpered like a dying dog, and got two life sentences at age 24 for something she didn't do,
Big Mike was in the courtroom celebrating with his gender-ambiguous partner. Probably because he was finally free
of his worry of being accused of a trafficking conspiracy in Orange County, by those backwoods dipshit Seminole
The disgusting Veigle's, who made their lives off the boobs of young girls exploited in a dead-end job and sold into
cocaine and sodomy, breached their duty of care when they put a coke addict and sexual predator, with convictions
for prostitution and racketeering, a man who would fill a young girls head with drugs for his own amusement and
start violent confrontations with their boyfriends, in charge of the lives of young girls.
III - 16
4. POLICE REPORT - January 2017
Report of Investigation
Ben Sprague
printed 01/25/2017 14:04
On December 14, 2016 the Altamonte Springs Police Department responded to The Lofts at Uptown Altamonte, 285
Uptown Blvd Unit 515 in reference to a person who jumped or fell from the fifth floor balcony. The person was
later identified as James William Mulrenin. Mulrenin was initially transported to Florida Hospital Altamonte (FHA),
however due to the severity of his injuries he was later transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC).
Mulrenin suffered multiple injuries from the fall and a deep wound to the back of his left thigh which appeared to be
a very deep stab wound or gunshot wound. Det. Ronnie Baker was tasked with staying with Mulrenin throughout
his transport from FHA to ORMC.
Officers located Mulrenin's apartment (Unit 515) where the door was found ajar. Upon entering the apartment no
one else was found inside and the rear sliding door was open. On the balcony a round table was tilted towards the
sliding glass door. The Christmas net lights which previously hung on the left side of the railing were missing. There
were lights on the right side of the railing that were similar to lights that were located on the ground next to
Mulrenin. A large rug in the main room was bunched up towards the center. There was what appeared to be blood on
the rug. A serrated knife was found on the couch and suspected blood was located on the carpet, on the right portion
of the couch recliner, closest to the door and on the sliding glass door leading to the balcony. A roll of black duct
tape was located partially under the couch along with a section of tape by the open glass slider balcony door that
appeared to have been wrapped around something and torn off. The tape had suspected blood on the sticky portion.
Several plastic/nylon zip ties were on the floor near the rug. There was a broken IPhone 7 Plus cell phone on the
kitchen counter. This cellphone also had suspected blood on it and was later determined to be the property of
Mulrenin. Crime Scene Investigator Alison Smolarek later located a projectile on the floor underneath Mulrenin's
leather sectional couch on an additional search of Mulrenin's apartment (12/15/2016). The couch had a small
puncture in the mid-section, consistent with that of a fired projectile. Upon further inspection of the apartment, CSI
Smolarek located roughly thirteen thousand dollars in US currency, in the locked balcony closet. The money was
located in a cardboard box which will be submitted into evidence. Please see her narrative for details pertaining to
the evidence collected in Mulrenin's apartment.
At approximately 0805 hours, Det. Athaide, OFC Uzzi and I made contact with a resident in unit 415, which is