The cell tower map shows the phone Mandi used to talk to Mulrenin and Neisha was at Stars/Dollhouse more than 26 hours in the previous week. Roommate Jessica Reiche Jones said Mandi got dressed up like a stripper every night the prior week, and she and Scott went out together. Here is one of many examples of Detective Sprague coaching witnesses with something false, that nobody saw Scott at the strip clubs. This is one of the many times Sprague coaches people with this the false idea that Mandi showed up as a complete stranger.

Neisha Cintron was about to be Mandi's new best friend. She was ultimately coached to lie in court to take Mandi's life, by prosecutor Stone. Here is one of many examples of how witnesses were convinced to say Mandi was evil.

Mulrenin let Mandi start late because Mandi was already his special little ho. She was already at Mulrenin's house three times that week. Sprague is talking to Neisha's husband Gary Carico about it. Listen to how they miss the obvious, trying to understand how this sinister girl Mandi broke the rules and started late.

Neisha Cintron spoke extensively with Mandi, because they crushed on each other. Neisha loaned Mandi a green thong bottom at the beginning of the night. Neisha sold Mandi a dress at the end of the night. Video from Dollhouse shows Neisha smoking weed with Mandi at the bar after closing, and Neisha was present when Mulrenin kissed Mandi.

This is Neisha Cintron's written statement.
In the back of Seminole County criminal courtroom 5D on January 10, 2019, I heard prosecutor Stone talk to Neisha Cintron, and tell her that her testimony would be limited. Stone told Cintron all he wanted her to do was to validate the screen shot of her cellphone showing Jackson's phone number. Cintron would not talk about anything else.
While reading Neisha's testimony, remember Mandi was wearing Neisha's underwear all night.

Whom do you think the jury is going to believe:

1) Violent felon Kaylee Simmons facing life in prison, who gets out of prison for saying Mandi told her of a plan to rob Mulrenin, or

2) Flirty new friend Neisha Cintron, who says Mandi told her of a plan to come to work the next day, and the last thing Mandi did before she walked out the door to go meet Mulrenin, was buy a dress to wear to work the next day, because Mulrenin did not like the red dress or the blue dress Mandi already had when she first met Neisha earlier in the evening.

It doesn't matter. The jury never heard the second one. Prosecutor Stone made sure Neisha lied, and did not tell the whole truth. Saying Mandi "didn't have like dance clothing" is just a plain lie, coached by the prosecutor, and told without shame or penalty.
At Love's trial, Barbara Mellinger said Mandi filled out one job application. The transcript then goes on for pages and pages and pages, while the judge and lawyers argue about how Mellinger can authenticate either job application as the one Mandi filled out, when they found two applications in Mandi's car. When Barbara Mellinger picked an application from the two, and said this is the one Mandi filled out, both the jurors and I were shocked that we had just seen something completely invented for convenience.
Four months later, Barbara Mellinger admitted at deposition she knew all along that Mandi was there the previous night, and that is why there were two applications. But she misled the court by withholding that information, while the judge and laywers argued about it for pages and pages and pages. Why did she want to hide from the court that the axe murderer had been stalking her bff?
Valet parking manager Randy "Mini Jim" Ferrara said they invented the story about Mandi drugging Mulrenin with GHB at Dollhouse on the night of December 14, 2016. Here is Mike Gorewitz, the valet parker, talking about that event where Big Mike Garcia brought up the GHB.

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